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Jarvis Bike Lane Removal Interrupted by Protesters

The strategy today saw a handful of protesters, about four in all, take turns sitting in the path of the oncoming scrub truck. As the truck skirted whoever was in front, the next protester took up a position up ahead—a sort of leap-frogging of the truck as it tried to advance down the street. (Among those protesters is arts and culture writer Steve Fisher, who writes for several local outlets, including Torontoist; his protest is independent of that work, and we learned about it, along with the rest of the world, as it was happening. We’ve asked Steve to write a first-person account of how and why he decided to participate in the protest.)

Read the full post: “Jarvis Bike Lane Removal Interrupted by Protesters” on Torontoist .

  • purple fish


  • jason

    Jarvis is a crazy highway like street that supports morning and evening rushes.

    I used to live on it. It is pretty much a throughfare for drving communters.

    The people up top probably think removing a solitary bike lane will help with conjestion. But after living on jarvis for four years i can say, with confidence, it will not make a dent during rush hour.

    Sorry Toronto, my sympathies

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