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How To: 5 Ways to Love Winter Bike Riding

If you are a fair-weather cyclist extending your riding reach, you might be surprised to notice that a lot of cyclists who ride in all weather situations continue to be cavalier about proper lighting. They also ignore the little bits of extra reflective gear that keep us visible to others in low light, bad weather, and dark nighttime riding conditions. Since there are now myriad new solutions for lighting and fun reflective gear, it doesn’t make sense not to find lighting that reflects you! If you have sufficient lighting and good gear with reflective elements, you feel safer in winter conditions, and you probably will be.

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  • warren

    The ride home in the dark is undoubtedly more stressful.
    I’ve geared up for this year – the helmet light with front-and-back was pretty anemic – BUT solved the problem of visibility to vehicles coming from side streets.
    A new MEC front USB headlight is insanely bright and raises the awareness of cars that *something* is coming. The rubber ‘seat stay’ rear light also handily clamps to the strap across the back of my helmet – where it will live for the winter evening commute.
    I think that oldschool spoke-mounted reflectors are severely underrated for visibility – the brightest things on the road will always be the vehicle headlights – leverage that!