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Family of fatally injured cyclist views memorial

The family of Michael Rankin travelled to downtown Toronto on Saturday to see for themselves a memorial that has taken shape in memory of the bike courier.

Rankin was fatally injured in a collision with a taxi on Wednesday afternoon, near Universtiy Avenue and Richmond Street West.

He died a short time later in hospital.

Read the full post: “Family of fatally injured cyclist views memorial” on CBC Toronto.

  • chris

    I can’t believe so may cyclist are getting killed, it’s sad.

  • Shelagh

    And yet another one today that does not sound as if she will make it- Crushed from the waist down…Too many lately. Whatever happened to driving defensively? I ride expecting every car to potentially hit me and act accordingly. I never pull up beside cars who are about to make right hand turns but wait behind them to do so.
    I just dont trust any drivers………..breaks my heart to think of all these cyclists getting killed as of late

  • RavSean

    It makes the removal of the lanes on Jarvis quite ironic.

    Defensively – the cars cannot see me until it is too late for them to react.

  • Actually, it makes the removal of the Jarvis lanes seem brilliant – becuase they were traded for dedicated bike lanes on Sherbourne. Sherbourne has calmer traffic, wider lanes and connects with Queens Quay for better connectivity to the bike network.