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City truck parked in Sherbourne bike lane

Face, meet palm.

The vehicle in the photo was identified as one from the shelter, support, and housing administration division, according to city spokesman Patricia Anderson. She said the vehicles are used by workers providing street outreach to homeless people.

“The people who use our vehicles know better than to park them in bike lanes, so if it’s parked there, it either shouldn’t have been there or there was some kind of emergency reason for it,” she said Wednesday.

Read the full post: “City truck parked in Sherbourne bike lane” in the Toronto Sun.

  • Rico

    I love the pictures aspect. BTW Canada Dry was started across the street to the East there (to the left).

  • I knew it was badly designed from the start. Almost an invitation to not be respected.
    This is going to happen now and then and it’s usually not a problem but it shouldn’t be normal. If it is then there’s a case for a different design for other lanes and for this one whenever it’s redone.