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City of Toronto closes in on new look for Front Street

The City has been working on re-vamping the area in front of Union Station to make it more pedestrian-friendly (as has arguably THE highest pedestrian traffic in the city, perhaps the country).

Cycling facilities planned for this project are a little hazy, the BlogTO article linked below states “For cyclists, the city is against installing a separated lane through the table-top area, fearing bikers could be encouraged to ride too fast in the pedestrian-friendly space. A dedicated lane would also take up valuable sidewalk space.” but a separated lane IS a dedicated lane, so I’m not sure what is meant by this.

None of the renderings seem to show a separated OR a dedicated bikelane (or any bikelane in any form), and many cycling advocates will freak out about this, unnecessarily.

Bikelanes are most useful and needed on busy city streets, not a street that is being turned into a pedestrian-friendly plaza.

Give us bikelanes on Jarvis, on Richmond and Adelaide, on King and Queen, etc … nobody should be worried about cyclist safety in a pedestrian-friendly zone.


Read “City of Toronto closes in on new look for Front Street” on blogTO .

  • Steve

    But where will all the lanes of double-parked taxis go?

  • “Bikelanes are most useful and needed on busy city streets, not a street that is being turned into a pedestrian-friendly plaza.”

    An excellent point. Bike lanes are great, but not at all costs. As for the quote, I think what they are getting at is this:

    If you design a street that feels like a square, cars will slow down and pedestrians will feel more invited. If you put in a dedicated bike lane through that square, you undo what you just did – just the type of vehicle has changed. I suspect that most bicyclists wouldn’t reintroduce the problem, but there are some less considerate ones who would yell at the pedestrians to get out of their lanes.

  • Kyler

    Thank you! Finally some common sense re. putting bike lanes everywhere. Complete streets such as Front & John are no space for bike lanes. The approach of a shared street is perhaps least acceptable to the cycling advocacy body in this city, and it’s selfish and stupid.

  • Rico

    Anybody that travels outside of the Canada bubble knows that ground level areas around any train station, are always friendly to both cyclists and pedestrians, with minimal off-centre areas for delivery and taxis. And as for “bike lanes everywhere”, they still have kept the two lanes for cars. Like there aren’t enough lanes for cars. Oh right, downtown is for cars, because it’s a parking lot for all those 905ers coming in for their jobs.

    I can’t wait until they start charging people $10 to drive into downtown for the day. Then we’ll start hearing people asking for bicycle parking lots. You know, how civilized Europe has solved the problem of downtown gridlocks.