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Bent out of shape: What happens when someone moves a bike rack and damages your bike?

“Normally, I would take my bike on the train with me, but you’re not allowed to in rush hour,” says Orr, a vegan-dessert chef. “I was like, ‘It’s one weekend. It’s not a big deal…’ So I locked it up. And I’ll regret it forever.”

When Orr returned to the city this past noon on Monday, the entire bike rack was gone. To her relief, she quickly found it, moved slightly from its original location with her bike and about a half-dozen others still attached. But her bike computer had been suspiciously shoved into the hole of her seat, and as soon as she tried to pedal away, she noticed her brand new fork was bent, which made it impossible to ride. Now, she’s without her main mode of transportation and, as of yet, any answers.

“Obviously, the rack was moved in some official capacity,” she says. “Anyone just messing with it would have just taken my stuff.”

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