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Zombie Cyclists Ride in Celebration of an Undead Bike Lane

Friday night, a terrifying thing happened in the name of complete-streets activism: zombies on bikes.

Technically, the event was October’s edition of the monthly Critical Massgroup bike ride. But it had taken on some additional meaning, thanks to city council’s recent decision to reject a last-minute bid to prevent the Jarvis Street bike lanes from being removed. In protest, some of Friday’s riders put on zombie makeup.


“We’re here today with the message that the Jarvis lanes will remain undead,” said Lynda Young, a representative of the Save Jarvis campaign. She and other members of the campaign were circulating among the zombified participants before the ride began. Their aim was to make it clear that Jarvis will remain an active route for cyclists—whether there’s a dedicated lane or not. “We want to also remind people to continue to support the work that Cycle Toronto is doing, advocating for safer streets in Toronto,” Young added.

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