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The Future of our City Transportation

Very interesting post from Toronto Standard about the options we have to keep Toronto from grinding to a halt due to too many people driving cars:

A recent study ranked Toronto the ninth most congested city in North America and according to the Ontario ministry of finance, population of the GTA will increase by 2.8 million, or 44.6 per cent, to reach almost 9.2 million by 2036. What the city should be shooting for, [Jennifer] Keesmaat [Toronto’s New Chief Planner] said, is a plan that includes an expansion across all modes of transit – more particular, our transit system and cycling networks.

“We need a multi-layered approach. We need to shift the mode. Cycling is low impact, it costs less and is environmentally sound. It doesn’t beat up infrastructure,” she said. “We are not always going to cycle everywhere so we need to have options — cycle, walk, transit, car.”

Read the full post: “The Future of our City Transportation” on Toronto Standard.


  • Rico

    Not really interesting. What I find interesting to this day is that people voted for our current mayor. That guy can’t eat the red ones last.

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