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Other cities love bike lanes

In early October, City councillors voted against a motion to reverse a plan that will see the removal of the 2-year-old bike lanes and the return of a centre car lane on Jarvis. City counts had the number of cyclists on Jarvis tripling following the introduction of bike lanes in 2010. The cost of removing the bicycle infrastructure is tagged at $300,000.

Some reaction to the decision:

“Every time someone gets hit to the concrete from a door, or breaks a leg or an arm as they get cut off, you’ll be the ones to blame. Every time someone dies as a result of a bike accident on Jarvis, you’ll need to explain to those families why it was so necessary for us to remove these lanes.”

Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina) speaking to the members of council who voted to remove the bike lane.

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