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Josh Colle explains his Jarvis vote

To blame Josh Colle and Ana Bailao for the demise of the Jarvis bike lanes would be unfair.

They were, after all, only two of the 24 councillors who voted against keeping the lanes at Tuesday’s council meeting, a decision that has outraged cyclists accusing the city of pedaling fast in the wrong direction when it comes to building bike infrastructure.

But the two centrist council members played a pivotal role in derailing Rob Ford’s nonsensical transit plan and avoiding deeper cuts in the 2012 budget, and the cycling community had high hopes that they would ride to the rescue again.

Along with Councillor Michelle Berardinetti, who said in March via Twitter that the lanes should stay, the pair were seen as key swing votes when Jarvis was reopened this week.

But in the end all three voted to take out the lanes. Had the trio voted differently, the Jarvis bikeways could have been saved by a 22-21 vote.

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