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Jarvis St. bike lane removal made separated lanes possible: Minnan-Wong

Did the Jarvis St. bike lanes have to die for Mayor Rob Ford to support a network of separated bike lanes?

Removing the Jarvis St. bike lanes was an “important component” to getting Ford’s office on board with a network of separated bike lanes, public works committee chairman Denzil Minnan-Wong said Friday.

He said he believes north-south corridors are crucial to addressing gridlock and Jarvis is one of those corridors.

“But it was also important to the mayor’s office that removing Jarvis be included in the bikeway plan,” Minnan-Wong said. “It was an important component to getting (Ford’s) support and one of the reasons for that is we both agree it is an important north-south corridor to address congestion and gridlock.”

Read the full post: “Jarvis St. bike lane removal made separated lanes possible: Minnan-Wong” on the Toronto Sun.

  • Kevin Love

    The trouble with this argument is that Mr. Ford’s support was irrelevant to getting the Sherbourne or any other bike lanes. Mr. Ford is not a member of PWIC and is only one vote on Council.

    Even the things that Mr. Ford really, really wants get overruled by Council. For example, killing Transit City or expanding the Sheppard Subway.

    If Mr. Minnan-Wong has any substantive argument in favour of killing Jarvis Street I would be interested in hearing it. But to say that killing Jarvis Street was necessary for appeasing Rob Ford is simply false.