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How-To: Make your next bike ride safer than the last

This post is from “across the pond” on the London Cyclist Blog, but has very good info for cycling here in Toronto too.

Also, I had no idea that curb was spelled “kerb” in Britain. Interesting.

Have you ever heard any of the below advice that is frequently thrown around:

  • Wear high-vis
  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear appropriate clothing

Typically, this will come from a journalist writing for a car publication or someone with a deadline, and not enough time to really research what cyclists can do to stay safe.

There’s nothing technically wrong with the above advice. However, it completely ignores the important road positioning techniques, taught by cycle safety experts in one on one classes. These techniques I believe can really make a difference on your next bike ride.

Read the full post: “How to make your next bike ride safer than the last” on London Cyclist Blog .

  • Thanks for the link guys :)

  • Of course, Andreas. More to share. :)