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Cause of Road Congestion: Too Many Cars

In Beijing, by the end of 2010 there were almost 5 million cars on the streets of that city of 20 million people (the 26th largest city in China by population). In 2010 alone there were over 800,000 new cars that were registered in Beijing.

Near the end 2010, the Beijing government realized that there wasn’t enough surface area in the city to sustain close to a million new cars year-after-year, so they decided to address traffic congestion by limiting the number of new license plates to 240,000/year using a lottery system.

In the first 11-hours after making this announcement they received 40,000 online applications.

Like many of our cities in North America, traffic congestion in Beijing is caused by too many cars on the road. There is no other explanation for it.

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