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Your I Bike T.O. Shirts are being packed

If you bought a shirt in our recent shirt sale, I want to keep you informed about what stage the shipment is at (like the printing photos post last week)… and right now, the shirts are being packed into individual envelopes for shipment to you:

I Bike T.O. shirts! Packing them up for buyers! :)

All the boxes from Entripy … There are 336 shirts in there, waiting for packing!

The colours look amazing!  Vibrant and well printed!

I Bike T.O. shirts! Packing them up for buyers! :)

I’m using our house addition (which I’ve just finishing re-building from the joists/studs up) to pack them (those envelopes at the right are packed shirts) as it’s the most space in the house right now.


Many of the shirts will ship out on Friday – so expect your shirt on Friday or early next week!