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Your I Bike T.O. Shirts are being Delivered!

If you bought a shirt in our recent shirt sale, I want to keep you informed about what stage the shipment is at (like the printing photos post 2 weeks agao and the packing photos post last week)… and right now, the shirts are being shipped out to you! If you don’t already have your shirt, you should soon:


I Bike T.O. Shirt Delivery!

Above, Laurie Featherstone of Two Wheels Delivery loads up her trailer with tons of shirts to bring them to you. That second photo is pretty badly composed. Sorry Laurie.

I Bike T.O. Shirt Delivery!

I Bike T.O. Shirt Delivery!

I delivered a bunch using our bike trailer as well (some of the ones that don’t fit into Laurie’s delivery area) and loaded up our trailer with ones to mail as well.

I Bike T.O. Shirt Delivery!

Yours truly posing with a shirt while Laurie was doing her pickup.

If you missed the shirt sale, you can get them anytime online at bikingtoronto.spreadshirt.com and they are now available at a few stores now: Outer Layer, Grapefruit Moon, and Urbane Cyclist (soon).

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