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I Bike T.O. Shirts are now sold at Outer Layer!

The recent I Bike T.O. shirt sale was a huge success, and the final shirts are being delivered this weekend… and it also gave me an opportunity to get a few extra printed for some stores who were interested in selling them … namely Outer Layer, Grapefruit Moon (which I’ll post about later today), and Urbane Cyclist (which I’ll post about in a few days).

On Monday, I loaded up our bike trailer and took a bunch of shirts to Outer Layer at 577 Queen West… so if you missed our sale or want more for friends or family, the friendly people at Outer Layer can hook you up.

Here’s a few photos of the store and one of their staff members wearing a shirt.


I Bike T.O. shirts now in stores!

I Bike T.O. shirts now in stores!

I Bike T.O. shirts now in stores!


Check out  Outer Layer at 577 Queen West to get yourself a shirt!

Wed, Feb 24: Come to the Toronto Bike Awards!

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