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Quotes from Velo-City, Part Two

From June 26 to 29, Vancouver B.C. hosted Velo-City, the world’s premier international cycling planning conference. The event offered delegates from around the world a chance to share best practices for creating and sustaining cycling-friendly cities, where bicycles are valued as part of daily transport and recreation.

This post is the first of 4 written by Meg Orlinski of the Deadly Nightshades, who captured “Notable Quotables” while there, and is sharing them with BikingToronto readers as well as Treadlie, the Australian cycling magazine.

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Part 2- Combined Mobility: Seamlessly Integrating Cycling and Transit

Photo courtesy of the ECF.

Jon Weston– Conservative MP of West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast and Sea to Sky

“We [Harper Conservative Government] share the message that cycling is an economic driver.”

“There is a kinship among cyclists that transitions the things that divide us.”

“Bike parking… that kind of practical progress is the kind of thing we are committed to.”

“My dream is that one day everyone at Parliament comes to work thinking that

promoting health is a part of their job.”

Michael Roschlau- President and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Association

“The links and synergies between cycling and transit is critical.”

“Transit doesn’t happen in isolation.”

“In 2040 mobility, or lack there of, will be an integral issue to our economics.”

CUTA Transit Vision 2040


Aske Wieth-Knudsen– Head of Strategy, DSB S-Train

“If you are more then one kilometer away from a [transit] station- it seems the car takes over.”

“We made a decision to be a bikes best friend- we sent a clear vision… people with bikes are very welcome on our trains.“

It should be easy to use your bike with the trains!
– Bike pump at stations
– Bike ramp at stairs
– Free bike servicing once a year for frequent customers
– Discounts on getting repairs
– Promote bike super highways with Copenhagen municipality
– Citybike project with Copenhagen municipality

We were told you must be insane in the management to remove the bike price tickets- lose the income. But it seemed to be a big success, huge annual growth of 5.8%

Michel Labrecque– Chair of Société de transport de Montréal

I wish I could change the weather… I know you [Vancouverites] say there is no bad weather- just bad clothing.

“Cocktail transport. The concept was from a Montreal cyclist point of view- it was to create an alliance between cyclists and public transit- not only buses- but taxi cabs, and car rentals. We need to work together.”

Timothy Papandreau– Deputy Director of Transportation Planning for the Sustainable Streets
Division of San Francisco’s Municipal Transit Agency

“It takes a lot of courage by staff, and politicians and citizens to make this work.“

“As a transit user- you don’t care who provides the service, you just want to get to work.”

“You don’t have to be in charge of the system- you have to be in charge of the funds.”

“People care less about CO2 then they care about having fun.”

“Follow the money- where every the money goes is what happens.”

Marisa Espinosa- Senior Manager of Service Planning, Translink BC

“We need to understand Vancouver’s cycling gender gap.”

“Barriers to women cycling in Vancouver, study finds women feel unsafer on road then men, and are more likely to travel with children.”

“Although evidence suggests the health benefits of cycling far outweigh the risks- we need to address the perception of safety.”

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