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Quotes from Velo-City, Part Four

From June 26 to 29, Vancouver B.C. hosted Velo-City, the world’s premier international cycling planning conference. The event offered delegates from around the world a chance to share best practices for creating and sustaining cycling-friendly cities, where bicycles are valued as part of daily transport and recreation.

This post is the first of 4 written by Meg Orlinski of the Deadly Nightshades, who captured “Notable Quotables” while there, and is sharing them with BikingToronto readers as well as Treadlie, the Australian cycling magazine.

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Part 4- Increasing Cycling and Safety, Empowering the Future: Children and Cycling & Closing Ceremony

Photo courtesy of the ECF.

Niels Torslov– Chair of OECD, Director of the Traffic Department for the City of Copenhagen

Key messages available at http://www.internationaltransportforum.org

“Access to evidence-based facts across nations is difficult.”

“Health benefit [of cycling] is 5-7 times greater then the negative health impacts.”

“Local solutions for local places.”

“Speed management acts as ‘hidden infrastructure’ protecting cyclists and should be included as an integral part of cycle safety measures.”

“Cyclists should not be the only target of cycling safety politics- motorists are just as important to target.”

Joop Goos– President La Prévention Routière Internationale

“Every 3 minutes a child dies in traffic.”

“Road safety is all about emotion, it’s about people who have been trapped in traffic their whole lives, who have lost a love one in traffic… road quality has a huge impact on life.”

“Is there a Europe-wide road safety perspective for cycling? NO.”

“The vehicle safety thing is very important- at the end of the day, you don’t have a small accident with a truck.”

“If you don’t deal with it, you don’t get cycling or walking.”

“There are symposiums of safety, there are symposium of sustainable transport, and all to often the come to government as different issues. We know at the EU it works best when they come together.”

“No one likes policy makers.”

“More cyclists= safer cycling. Double ridership and half accidents in London and Copenhagen. We don’t understand why- but we know it works.”

“They hate us because we are smug, and we are smiling looking healthy.”

Randy Neufeld – Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer for the Active Transportation Alliance, 2012 Denmark Cycling Embassy Award recipient

“Around the world cycling advocates have the same problem. The exchange that happens here at the Velo-City conference, at the European Cyclist federation… it’s invaluable.”

Manfred Neun– President of the European Cyclist Federation

“Cycling for children supports cycling democracy. It helps set up a more peaceful world for our children.”

“How can our children discover the world when they are over-protected?”

“[Car transport.] It means delivering a children in a container…. he is not able to discover his outside world.”

“Politicians are humans too!”

“The UN rights of the children- all of them can be improved by cycling.”

“Charter of Vancouver- it is for all, it’s for everyone in the world.”

“More children cycling more often will change this world.” 

“We vote for cycling! We vote for children! We vote for the future!”

Dr. Paul Tranter– Associate Professor in Geography, University of New South Wales

“We are going to need a massive cultural change to create a better city environment for children.”

“If we get it right for the children, we’ll get it right for cycling.”

“Article 31 of the UN Convention- the right to play for children- critically important for the psychological, emotional and intellectual development.”

“We have to start thinking of children as present citizens- not future citizens.”

“If we can create child friendly cities, we can almost solve all the problems of the universe.”

“They save time by not having to work so much to buy that second car, they save time by not having to drive their children everywhere… Walking and cycling save time.”

“Social Values are more important then the built environment.”

Children are not born obsessed with speed and productivity- we make them that way.-Carl Honore

“We need a collective agreement to look after everyone’s children.”

“Creating cycle friendly cities. It’s child’s play.”

Steen Møller– Mayor of Culture and Urban Development for the City of Odense

Odensa is home of Hans Christian Anderson- writer famous for fables about transformation.

1898 in Odensa the first bike path created in Denmark was made for the rich to avoid horse droppings.

We have said to developers- if you want to have 100k spots for car parking- equally as many for bike parking! They did better and have doubled that.

Cycle habits at an early age, is quite crucial if you want to be biking your entire life.

We have learned that competitions work very well. It’s important that we aim for new goals, that we are not just satisfied with the goals we have achieved a few years ago.

Maria Vassilakou– Deputy Mayor of Vienna, host city of Velo-City 2013

“The heart of our cities is our street level… it’s the place where people can meet and interact.”

“Quality of life has everything to do with the pace of the city.”

“It means hard work…and not only that but risk for politicians.”

“We will see you in Vienna next year, and let us all produce together the sound of cycling.”

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