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Video: Morning Bike Commuters on the Viaduct

Morning Bike Commuters on the ViaductOn Friday morning I propped my phone up on the rear rack of my bike and captured 16 minutes of morning bike commuters streaming westbound over the Prince Edward Viaduct.  If you or someone you know traversed the Viaduct between 8:43 and 8:59 AM on Friday, you’re in this video.

The Viaduct is one of my favourite places to bike watch… it’s one of the few crossings of the Don Valley, and the northernmost crossing into downtown – so the bikelanes there are not only filled with downtown workers who live anywhere along the Danforth, but people in the southern part of East York, and those who live in Leaside and come across the Leaside Bridge before heading down Broadview to the Viaduct.

I’ve sped up the video twice, so you see 16 minutes of cyclists in just 4 minutes, and while I put a historical looking filter on the video, it was indeed very sunny that morning, and the bikelanes were awash in golden sunlight.

[photo from veryscarygary on flickr]

  • Looks like there are half as many cyclists as drivers. Therefore we should still be marginalized?

    I hate Toronto.

  • Rico

    Most of those drivers are from out of town, and are not downtowners. So never mind about stats. It’s US that are getting on bikes, partially to make space for those buffoons.

  • Beautiful video Joe.
    I echo the comments so far; about half the volume of cars – on this dangerous choke point. I note also that at one point, a motorcycle uses the Bike Lane as a passing lane! This route especially, needs to be separated.

  • More people biking than walking across. Would love a separated barrier though..

  • Ernie

    Yes, the viaduct is nice, and has a beautiful view. Pity that the bike-lanes end east of the bridge, forcing commuters into the Danforth’s crazy rush-hour traffic. I now opt for the rather dull Dundas/Shuter bike-lanes to get between the Danforth and downtown.

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