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Most Popular – April 2012

Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages on BikingToronto during April 2012.

  1. Bikelane Map – yeah! a map of Toronto’s bikelanes!
  2. Meet a fellow Cyclist and Her I Bike T.O. Shirt
  3. Should the Toronto Cyclists Union change their name to Cycle Toronto?
  4. How To – how to do stuff regarding your bike!
  5. Winter Rider Profiles
  6. 2012 Changes for BikingToronto
  7. Sweet Ride 2012: Cupcake Edition!
  8. Maps – sweet sweet geography
  9. 2012 Sweet Ride and Cupcake Ride Schedule 
  10. Photos from the Sunday Sweet Ride: Cupcake Edition

As well, here are the top 10 popular posts overall (or, at least since August 2010).



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