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Sweet Ride: Cupcake Edition, the Music Video

Sweet Ride: Cupcake Edition - Apr. 22, 2012As I mentioned when I posted photos from the Sweet Ride: Cupcake Edition on Sunday, I also took about 100 short videos during the ride, and have been editing them on my phone.

I’m finally done, and was able to take 11 minutes of video down to 3.5, as well as pairing it with a peppy pop song that has been in my head for a few months (thanks to CBC Radio 3). I give you the Sweet Ride paired with “Big Blue Wave” by Hey Ocean.


In addition to the photos I posted on Sunday, be sure and check out the photos Hyedie posted on her Cupcake Ride Blog.

The next Sweet Ride is on Saturday, June 23rd.  We haven’t picked a food theme yet, but will soon.   Stay tuned.

If you are female and can’t wait for June, Hyedie is planning the next Girls Cupcake Ride for Saturday, May 26.

If you want to keep up and informed about future rides, you can also follow BikingToronto and the Cupcake Ride on Facebook and Twitter:

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  • aem2

    Fun! I don’t think you quite captured the… excitement… of going down that bumpy bumpy hill, though. :)