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2012 Sweet Ride and Cupcake Ride Schedule

We’re gearing up for the 2012 Sweet Ride and Cupcake Ride season and Joe and I thought we’d be proactive this year and set dates for the whole season before hand.

While this is a tentative schedule, we’re hoping that nothing will come up and we can stick to the dates below. We’ll be setting up Facebook events for each ride, just like last year, closer to the each of the dates.

Hopefully you can pencil in some of these dates and we can see you out on a ride this year!

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, April 7

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Sunday, April 22 <- Earth Day!

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, May 26

June (bike month!)
Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Sunday, June 10

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Saturday, June 23

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, July 21

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Saturday, August 18

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, September 22

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Saturday, October 13

* Dates are not final and may change!