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Video of the 2012 Ice Bike Races

Last night saw the 2012 edition of the Ice Bike Races (or Icycle Races) at Dufferin Grove Park.

I was able to freeze off my fingers and toes taking 70+ video clips with my phone and have edited them into one 4 minute video of a lot of the action.  I’ve coupled it with a rather unorthodox soundtrack too… “That’s What You Do Best” by Adaline – it’s an “electro-torch” song (of all things) that’s been in my head for a couple months and seemed to capture the alternating lulls and fun energy of the Ice Bike Races.

Not a bad little video considering it was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone.

  • Wow, you’ve done it again, Joe. I’m still digging “We Have Everything” by The Young Galaxies that you used as the soundtrack for your Jarvis Bikelane ride video and I’m sure this Adaline number will grow on me just as well. Where do you find this stuff?! Great Icycle video BTW, thanks.

  • Thanks Stephen. Young Galaxies…. I think I found free on the iTunes store… and Adaline I found on CBC Radio 3. :)

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