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The News Cycle for Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011

Cyclist’s death prompts call for mandatory truck side guards [The Star]

The NDP is calling for mandatory side guards on heavy trucks after the death of cyclist Jenna Morrison last week.

Toronto MP Olivia Chow, the opposition transport critic, will introduce a private member’s bill Monday that demands trucks be fitted with the guards that can prevent cyclists or pedestrians from being trapped between a truck’s wheels.

In the aftermath of tragedy, once more unto the breach [Globe and Mail]

 John Barber discusses his 50 years of cycling in Toronto, and how, all of a sudden, people are saying “good for you!”.  They better get used to it, says Barber, because as Toronto gets more congested and more populated, bikes will only be increasing in popularity.

Flickr Slideshow of Jenna Morrison Memorial Ride and Ghost Bike Installation [Flickr]

Great photos from the Toronto cyclist community on Flickr documenting the Memorial Ride and Ghost Bike installation after the tragic loss of Jenna Morrison.

How bikes and cars can peacefully coexist on the road [Globe and Mail]

 The recent death of a cyclist in Toronto has reignited the hotly debated issue of how cars and bikes can coexist on busy streets. Jenna Morrison, an expectant mother and yoga teacher, was killed last Monday while riding to her son’s school. When it comes to sharing the road, “we all have a role to play,” says Yvonne Bambrick, an urban cycling consultant. This round-up of simple tips can help make the roads safer for drivers and cyclists.

Jenna Morrison’s Memorial Ride Draws Hundreds [Torontist]

Estimating turnouts at things like this is difficult to do and politically fraught, so let’s just say there were hundreds of cyclists—easily hundreds—at Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue this morning, there to ride in memory of Jenna Morrison, a cyclist killed one week ago today.



[photo from the Star]

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