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Submit your Tweed Photos for a Prize!

The Tweed Ride is hastily approaching (next Saturday, Oct. 15) and if you’re interested in the most stylish and civilized ride Toronto has seen in decades, you need to register to ride.  Online registration closes on Wed, Oct. 12.

Your $15 registration fee gets you:

  • Official participation in Toronto’s first annual Tweed Ride
  • High Tea (bring your own teacup)
  • Swag Bag
  • A Swinging After-Party at Dovercourt House.

People are putting together their Tweed outfits (or outfits inspired by a bygone era), and we want to see photos of what you are planning!

In fact, we want to see your outfits so much (and have your outfits inspire others), that we’re having a photo contest (which also closes on Wed. Oct. 12)…. all you need to do is “tweet” your photo to our @TweedRideTO twitter account, or email them to info@bikingtoronto.com and you’re entered!

Prizes! The winner of the photo contest will win a Basil Memories Basket and a Giro Bike Helmet, courtesy of the Urbane Cyclist Co-op.

Here’s a few photos to get you started…. submit a photo to win!

Yvonne Bambrick, Mike Brcic, Kristen Corbet, David Miller, Tanya Smith, Casie Stewart and Ryan Smith


This is me, trying out some tweedy clothes.  Yes, I don’t usually have a beard… the things I do/grow for Tweed! haha.


Kristen of Bikes without Borders, with the Penny Farthing at the ING Direct Cafe

  • Andrea

    I’m confused about to whom to tweet the photos. The facebook wall pic says something different:

  • You can submit it that way as well… any pics received by any method are eligible. :)

  • Andrea

    Can we submit more than one? I’m having outfit dilemmas — too much choice.

  • Sure, why not! :)

  • I can’t wait – I’m getting my outfit together and found a jacket today to go along with the rest of my outfit that I have so far.


    By the way Joe, the beard suits you I think!

  • Thanks Georgette. Your outfit is looking sweet, er, smashingly lovely. People have been saying that about the beard, but I really don’t like it. Annoying having hair all over my face. :)

  • Thanks – and I found a jacket today too so I’m good to go! Just hoping to get a little project done for my bike for the day and maybe find a little accessory for me.

    Funny you don’t like the beard … I think some guys prefer the “hey I don’t have to shave every day!” option. And then their partners complain and make them shave it! lol!

  • Oh, it still requires maintenance… and it is better than before… as it gets longer it gets less itchy. Tracy doesn’t like it at all. I get tons of compliments on it though from co-workers, etc. :)

  • I didn’t say it was maintenance free …. otherwise you’ll end up looking like Grizzly Adams! ;p

    How do I post my Tweed duds shot here??

  • Soooooooo glad to see it raining now. Maybe if it rains for a couple of days, it will be all out of Mother Nature’s system before Saturday!
    *cross yer fingers!*

  • Thank you to all the organizers and sponsors for putting together such a great and fun event for such a good cause! I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!

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