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More Sidewalk Conflicts in the ‘Burbs

Yet another article from the ‘burbs about pedestrians being unhappy with cyclists using the sidewalk:

Oshawa bylaws only prohibit cyclists on downtown sidewalks. But Atkinson and her husband Thomas, 74, want that changed to include all areas so they can feel safe on their five-kilometre fitness walks.

“It’s gotten worse,” Atkinson says of the road rage that’s veered onto sidewalks in their Rossland Rd. E. and Harmony Rd. neighbourhood. “It appears people are taking out their aggression on bikes.”

When the retired couple politely ask cyclists to use the road, they say they’re sworn at and verbally abused. The culprits range from teenagers to people in their 50s and 60s.

It’s unforgivable that this elderly couple has been sworn at and verbally abused – pedestrians have a right to use sidewalks, and if a cyclist feels unsafe enough on the street to use the sidewalk, the sidewalk should be used respectfully.

A City of Oshawa Councillor (Roger Bouma) notes:

 “My question is, if we ban cyclists from the sidewalks are we moving them to the street with more deadly consequences?”

What about that huge stretch of grass between the sidewalk and road, Oshawa?  There’s room to expand the road to accomodate bikelanes, or even a bikepath on that grassy median.

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