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BikingToronto has 7,000+ Followers on Twitter!

Wow.  Last week we passed 7,000 followers over on Twitter.

Our followers include tons of Toronto people, as well as bike-related accounts from all over the “Twitter-verse”… which allows BikingToronto to not only keep them updated on the stuff happening in Toronto, but also helps keep us informed on what’s going on.

Looking back, our Twitter account passed 4,000 followers back in the first week of September last year, so we’ve added 3,000 followers in just the past year!  That’s like 8 people every single day!  Woo! Hoo!

It’s exciting, no?

Anyhow, go check out our Twitter account if you’re not already following us.  We tweet (and re-tweet) out a lot of links there that often don’t make it to the blog (because they’re either about other cities, or only tangentially related to cycling), so it’s a great resource to follow.

(If you prefer Facebook over / in addition to Twitter, you can “Like” our facebook page too).


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