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Sweet Ride: Pie Edition

If you’ve been following along with our Sweet Rides, you’ll remember that in April we had a Cupcake Edition, and in June we had a … well, let’s call it a Bakery Edition (you can read about the issues we had) and now it’s almost August, so Hyedie of the Girls Cupcake Ride and I are planning our next CO-ED food ride…

This time, we’re talking, eating and biking PIE!!!

We’ll be starting off at Madeleine’s Cherry Pie and Ice Cream up near Bathurst and Dupont and finishing way down in the Queen and Broadview area at the Canadian Pie Company!

We aren’t releasing our route just yet (and it’s hard to get onto Google Maps due to some car-free thoroughfares that Google doesn’t know are bike-friendly), but it’ll be interesting… we’ll be going through LOTS of different neighbourhoods in a relatively short period of time, as well as some hidden routes that not many people know about!  Curious, aren’t you? You should come on our Pie Ride!


Sweet Ride: Pie Edition

Check out our event and RSVP on Facebook too!