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Re-Cap and Photos from the “Ride for Jarvis”

The Ride for Jarvis happened last night, and thankfully had a good turnout.  I’ve seen estimates of between 900 -1200 cyclists.

Here are some photos and a few words about the event:

People start gathering at Allan Gardens.  Lots of news media.


It’s like a two-wheeled bike party.


There were LOTS of bikes! [photo by Hyedie Hashimoto]


Dave Meslin addressed the crowd. He sounded like a politician with a lot of soundbites. A bike-friendly politician.  He also said he’d lay down on Jarvis in front of any trucks that would remove bikelanes.  I doubt he’d do it and that it would do anything for the cyclist cause, other than maybe get him arrested.


Jared Kolb, director of Membership for the Bike Union speaks… offering any non-members a break on membership – only $20 instead of $30.


Met Chris after seeing his Left Wing Pinko t-shirt.


Then everyone hit Jarvis Street! [photo by Hyedie Hashimoto]


Even some dogs! [photo by Hyedie Hashimoto]


Woo! [photo by Hyedie Hashimoto]


Then everyone gathered at City Hall [photo by Hyedie Hashimoto]


I’m working on a video of the whole ride passing Carlton. Stay tuned.