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New Plan calls for Cyclist and Pedestrian Friendly Yonge Street

Great news being reported by the Star this morning.  There is a “bold new plan” that calls for Yonge street sidewalks to be widened, narrowing car traffic to one lane in each direction (along with sharrows for bike traffic).

The report, to be released Wednesday, proposes dramatic changes in the section between Dundas and Gerrard Sts., including widening sidewalks, reducing car traffic to two lanes, and making it pedestrian only for special festivals.

The Yonge Street Planning Framework, written by Ken Greenberg of Greenberg Consultants and Marianne McKenna of KPMB Architects, is a blueprint for turning around this tired area that includes historic buildings, a new 75-storey condo tower and Ryerson University.

It’s designed to improve the public space, make the area more welcoming for retailers and encourage small businesses, including high-tech ventures, to set up shop.

Read about the plan at the Toronto Star’s website

  • While I’m happy to see slower traffic here, I’m a bit disappointed to see only sharrows instead of a full-blown lane. This *could have* been something along the lines of 6th Ave as it approaches Times Square in NYC. Wider sidewalk and buffered lane. Heck, think really big, make Dundas Sq carfree like they did in Times Square.

  • Looks like a decent change overall, I frequently ride along the Yonge st and now it seems I don’t have to battle with fast-moving traffic anymore, sometimes getting around was really difficult. I wish they stretched the sharrows north to St. Claire via Summerhill, so there would be an easy access to the area where the best Toronto bicycle routes are.