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Music Video of the Ride for Jarvis!

During the Jarvis Ride last night, I found a little raised platform near the Tim Hortons at Jarvis and Carlton, and filmed the ride going by.

It took a full 7 minutes for the ride to completely pass me, so I’ve sped it up a little, and added some lively music.

I’m quite happy with how this turned out, considering it’s really the first iPhone video (which is why the video is a touch shaky) I’ve tried to edit and put music with (all using an App too). First video ever, really.

  • Nice One! I likes the tune-age too…
    Funny to watch the suit/reporter trying to engage a cyclist for a sound bite then giving up to interview a taxi driver… Did ya notice how many how many traffic infractions there were too?

  • I liked the pedestrian with his family who can’t wait the 7 minutes at the corner and asked the bicycle police person if he can do anything about it.

    No understanding or perhaps he’s never thought about it – anothers right to peaceably protest should be respected humbly – with reverence – in the way we respectfully wait for a funeral to go by – or make the way of a fire truck, or and ambulance. The right to protest is a cornerstone of the great civilization we have built. The show at the gardens (or whatever) isn’t as important on any scale I can imagine.

    And what did he just teach his kids in that teachable moment? ME, me, me, always me, me first. ME.

    Pretty easy to imagine how that’s going to play out in the short term (spoiled brats).

    Karma’ll getta. :)

  • Do you know what I liked most about participating in this ride? I would say almost all the drivers, were either in awe that watching a parade of cyclists or they were happy to see us! So many people waved back from their cars, there were honks of encouragement and lots of smiles.

    I would say it was an all around good thing.