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Ride to Save the Pharmacy and Birchmount Bikelanes

Date & Time:
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Meet at the Victoria Park subway station

Help save the Pharmacy Av. and Birchmount Rd. Bike Lanes by joining us for a ride to raise awareness and to listen to what the local neighbours have to say.

Toronto City Council votes on July 13th to accept all or part of Mayor Rob Ford’s Bike Plan, which calls for the removal of the bike lanes installed in 2008 on Pharmacy Ave. & Birchmount Rd..

This is a matter of personal safety for everyone who uses the roads and we will ride on Tuesday to help save the lanes.

Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts or whether you can make it or not.


[photo from Inside Toronto]

  • HappyStuffing

    Heck yes I’m going to be there!

    I would love nothing more than to make a point to cagers that the roads do not solely belong to them.

  • Would love to, but I’m in Calgary the next couple of days.

  • R.B.

    I don’t understand this… removing bike lanes costs the city money and it is definitely not going to reduce the number of cyclists. It is just going to make it stressful for everyone. I am a full time cyclist, so of course this bothers me endlessly but…..

    I had a conversation with a friend who as a a full time driver, who prefers it when cyclists have their own lane…. it reduces stress; they feel that driving is easier when the cyclists has his/her own space. Therefore the safety of bike lanes benefit the auto driver as well as the cyclist..
    With this much traffic in T.O. does it not make sense that many people are choosing to cycle? What if for every cyclist that Ford wants to get rid of, they decided to get into their car instead? Would that not just make things even more congested?

    Is there a chance that the bike lanes on Pharmacy Road could be moved to the pavement? I mean… last time I was there, there was not a lot of pedestrian traffic on those streets…

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