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Photos and Re-Cap from our June Sweet Ride

The Sweet Ride Group at Bobbette & Belle

This past Sunday saw the 2nd of 2011s Sweet Rides, the food-based rides planned by myself and Hyedie of the Toronto Girls Cupcake Ride.  The Sweet Rides are co-ed rides that start and end with food (and sometimes have food in the middle). It’s good stuff.

This past Sunday was planned as a “Dufflet Ride” in which we’d do the “Tour de Dufflet” … where one visits all 3 Dufflet locations in 1 day.  Unfortunately, Dufflets kind of discouraged us from doing the Tour, saying our ride was too popular for their locations … so at the last minute we had to change plans.

This worked out for the best, however, as we found other locations that welcomed us with open arms and like a group of 15 people biking to their stores and buying stuff.  I can tell you that I had such a great time at the locations yesterday that the businesses will definitely be getting some repeat business when I’m in the neighbourhood.

Meeting Up: We kept our meeting point at Dufflets Uptown, on Yonge north of Eglinton. We didn’t want to *totally* confuse people by changing the meeting point.

Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011

For our new first stop, we were welcomed by La Boheme Cafe (2481 Yonge Street), and in return we filled up their store and bought lots of stuff:

Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011

The La Boheme staff were super nice – here’s a “retro’d” photo of them I took:

Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011

From there we had a really nice ride across Broadway Ave. from Yonge to a branch of the Don Valley, and then headed south all the way to the Martin-Goodman Trail:

Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011

We made our 2nd stop in Leslieville, at Bobbette & Belle (1121 Queen Street East), where we also stopped during our first Sweet Ride (Cupcake Edition), and just about all of us had these amazing whoopie cookie ice cream sandwich things. They then came around with a tray of Macarons that were extra and just gave them to us! I had never had a macaron before, and I have to say… I’m going to have to have a lot more in the future!

Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011
Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011

We then made our way (slowly – we were very full) to our last stop, which was the Distillery District, where there are bakeries, and cafes and chocolate shops… goodies for every taste!

Sweet Ride - June 19, 2011

It was a fantastic day, and again the Sweet Ride was filled with fantastic people. Met a lot of new people I’m looking forward to seeing again.

Many many thanks to our last minute stops – La Boheme Cafe and Bobbette & Belle, and especially to my co-organizer Hyedie, who does a lot of email and phone work to pull these rides together, and is always a pleasure to hang out with.

Hyedie will be sharing some other photos of this past Sweet Ride on the Cupcake Ride Blog, and when she does I’ll let you know.

Now… when is our next Sweet Ride, you ask?

It’ll be in August (we’re nailing down the date), and it’ll involve Pie! Lots and lots of pie!

Stay tuned…

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