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Biking Toronto Social Tonight!

The Madison's Patio

If you follow BikingToronto on Facebook or Twitter – you already know about this… but in case you don’t…

Tonight is the first “Biking Toronto Social” – an informal gathering of people who like to bike Toronto for food and drinks and good conversation.

It doesn’t have an agenda, a mandate, a mission statement, or anything like that.  Just a get-together to get to know fellow cyclists.

We’ll be trying to stake out a place on the cool patio at the Madison around 7pm.  Come on by… either ask for a reservation for “BikingToronto” or just look for a group of people with some bike helmets.

Time:    Monday, June 6 · 7:00pm
Location:    Madison Ave. Pub – 14 Madison Ave, near Bloor & Spadina (Map)



Wed, Feb 24: Come to the Toronto Bike Awards!

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