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One of the goals of BikingToronto is to connect people who share an interest in cycling, as well as provide our readers with the latest cycling news and events all around the city. To celebrate BikeMonth, and get you ready for summer, we would like to offer you two prize packs from Champion Canada!

Just tell us why you love to bike and where your favourite bike route in the city is in the comments of this post, and you could win one of our two prize packs (each a $150 value).

The prize packs include:

Female Prize Pack:

  • Female – Classic Zip Hoodie
  • Female – Mesh Short
  • Female – Training Tee








Male Prize Pack:

  • Men – Classic Fleece Hoodie
  • Men – Mesh Shorts
  • Men – Double Dry Training Tee










Here is how you can enter to win one of the three prize packs:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us: Why you love to bike?
  2. Tell us where your favourite bike route in Toronto is.

To browse more of the Champion Canada apparel line, please visit their website at http://www.championcanada.ca

For more information about Champion Canada and the “How You Play” campaign please visit their Facebook page and YouTube page.


  • The Contest ends at midnight on Thursday, June 2.
  • Winners will be chosen based on their response.
  • Winners will be contacted by e-mail.
  • Prize packs will be mailed to you once you have given your gender & sizing information.


  • You must live in Canada
  • You must leave your reply in the comments section below
  • You need to include your e-mail address in your comment so I can contact you if you won.
  • Rebecca

    I like to bike for the fresh air, scenery and exercise! Gave route: Martin Goodman

  • I love to bike around the city for several reasons. First of all, it’s fun! Toronto is very accessible on a bike, even more so than transit and cars. Secondly I love the feeling of getting around so easily and quickly, and enjoying the fresh air as much as possible! My favorite bike route in the city is the bike path along the lake. The Leslie Spit is so beautiful, and you can still find lovely wildlife. Lastly, I love to bike as it’s a great way to stay in shape and feel invigorated! Can’t do that in a car :)

  • I love to bike for many reasons, the balance, gliding, people talk to you, I see more beautiful things on my bike, gives me time to think about my day and plans, I sing when I bike, it allows me to have a small business, and I love the sound of the back cassette when you are gliding!

    Favourite neighborhood, I like the quiet north-south streets from shaw to roncesvalles…south of bloor north of queen. They have beautiful gardens, parks, people hanging out around their homes and you hear the birds!!

  • Audrey Yang

    I love to bike because it is healthy for my body, pollution-free, brings me closer to nature, and gives me a feeling of freedom.

    My favourite bike routes are the Don Valley ravine trail and the bike lane along Beverley-St.George.

  • Laura Thompson

    I love to bike because I like knowing that I’m using my own clean energy to get me places (and it gets me there faster than walking).
    My favourite route is the WaterfrontTrail.

  • Joe Arruda

    I live in Durham Region and love coming to TO to bike the bike lanes and paths
    I love to bike because it is fun and good for your health
    My favorite route is the one the runs through Forest Hill and into Mount Pleasant Cementary

  • Raven

    I love to bike because it’s great exercise and I can get to places fast!
    My favourite(? definitely most used) route is the Dundas E bike lane (at least when there isn’t construction…).

  • Peter

    I love to bike because it lets me plan my day on my way to work, and clear my head out again at the end of my day.
    Currently my fav route is out to the very tip of the Leslie Spit, but it always changes as the summer goes on.

  • anne

    I love commuting by bike – it clears my mind and gives me energy for the day ahead!
    My favourite route is from Sunnybrook Hospital to Taylor creek at Victoria Park – you cycle past all of the families enjoying the space and clean air and it’s much cooler than cycling along the roads in summer! Although westbound along Lakeshore from the Beach to downtown during the morning rush hour is hard to beat – it is so enjoyable overtaking all of the car commuters!

  • Jonathan

    I love biking for exercise, fun, the adventure in finding new routes, and the ability to get places under your own power. There is nothing like a good ride to clear your head and feel the burn at the same time. My favourite route would have to be entering the park system at Edwards Garden, then riding the bike path all the way to the DVP and continuing south from there. The city actually spent some money to improve the Don Valley bike path, and its really a joy to ride.

  • Carol

    Cycling for me feels like flying: gliding along, floating silently along and swooping through the curves. Favourite route: along the lake shore near Humber Bay marsh. Love the sight of the city from that angle and the butterfly gardens there.

  • Joan Melanson

    I love to bike for the feeling of freedom it gives me. I also feel more connected to the city when I travel through it on my bike – I see, hear, and smell things I would miss if I was in a car, or on transit.
    I feel friendlier when I am on my bike! I bike to and from work, and that means exercise is built into my day which I love!
    I have different fave routes – the Leslie Street spit for nature and the lake.
    But I also love the challenge of riding through the downtown streets in the busy rush of the day – especially turning from Gerrard onto University Ave – all the way down to Wellington!

  • I love to bike because it is so fast! I’m always late and it saves my butt. When I need an energy boost, I whiz by all the suckers stuck in traffic. There’s not much like the feeling of power you get from peddling hard.

    My favourite route is down Russell Hill road or through the Annex where the traffic is low so I can take in the old houses and beautiful flowering trees.

  • Andy B.

    Cycling removes the feeling of detachment I get when using another other forms of transport. I get to feel the wind on my face, see the sights and enjoy the varied smells the city throws up at me.

    Favourite route,
    From The Beach via The Leslie Street Spit and towards the harbour front using as many as the tree lined cycle routes as possible.

  • I love to cycle because in the last 2 months I have lost 15 pounds. Also, it relieves a lot of my daily stress and tires me out for a good night’s sleep.

    My favourite route has to be biking down to the Lake Shore and biking East out to Tommy Thompson Park and hitting the out lighthouse at dusk. The view of the city as night falls is amazing.

  • Alexis Mantell

    When I bike I feel more connected to what’s happening on the street. I hear, see and smell what’s happening around me – and ‘feel’ every pothole – in a way you just can’t sealed inside a car.

    I commute home along the Danforth to Woodbine, and enjoy seeing how the street and shops change over time, or head south to Cherry Beach to sail at my community sailing club, St. James Town.

  • Why I love to bike? Two things come to mind. First, sentimental bond. When those wheels glide over the pavement, my mind floods with memories (both good and bad) of learning how to ride, summertime in the suburbs, and spending time with my family (who are cycling enthusiasts). Second, the cyclist’s butt. Nothing says I love to bike quite like a toned tush!! Favourite Bike Route. Anything along Harbord Street. It’s such a relaxed part of the city. You really feel like you’re part of a cycling community.

  • I am new to cycling and signed up for the rally from toronto to montreal. Training indoors was a bummer and drab. I love the lakeshore from the beaches to far west and beyond as i used to rollerblade it all the time. I am prepping for a Toronto to Niagara ride and love heading from The humber to the Leslie spit, around the spit and to the beaches and back. This is a route my partner got me hooked on..and I don’t see myself getting on my blades again perhaps ever, I guess I am a true convert. I love riding my road bike on the paths and I also LOVE riding my vintage ’74 ccm Elan around the city, it makes me feel apart of the city and that I am doing my part to take care of Toronto, and what a beautiful way to take it all in.



  • Sterling Saldino

    Riding my bike brings me thrills I can’t describe. The freedom, the speed, the wind in my face, music bumping in my ears setting my rhythm. My bike will forever be a part of my life and I can’t wait to pass this incredible pastime on to my children. I think my fav bike route would have to be the Harbourfront Trail, though I really enjoy riding through the residential side streets in the Annex.

  • My bike opened up the city up for me. Without a bike exploring the city is limited to public transportation and the how much you can walk before you collapse. People don’t understand how big and amazing Toronto is and the uniqueness of all the neighbourhoods. My favourite route is a pretty common one, but before summer came we took the path out to the beaches to play baseball on the empty beach. Now that my roommates and friends have picked up their bikes, this summer is going to be full of amazing adventures across this city – I can’t wait.

  • Elaine

    Having the wind and even the hated rain fly past you while riding is why I love to ride. Flying past stopped bumper-to-bumper car traffic is a bonus. Although I don’t ride it much anymore, my favourite route through the city is the one I found last year through Leaside, Summerhill, Rosedale and the Annex down to the U of T campus. I learned how to ride the year before and finding all these small streets gave me the chance to practice riding everyday and gain the confidence I needed to manoeuvre through the rest of Toronto’s bike lanes and traffic.

  • Rehan Alibux

    I love to bike because it is gratifying on so many levels! I find it exhilarating to propel myself using human energy. I feel enlightened by riding my bike on winding roads, over creeks and through a myriad trails surrounded by nature and all its bounties. I feel good mentally and physically after a long ride.

    My favourite bike route is starting from Edward Gardens down to Lakeshore Blvd and then along the Lakeshore. Then it is a quick turnaround and back up to Edward Gardens.

  • I love to bike because it’s a wonderfully efficient way to combine transport and exercise. As a fundamentally lazy person, I appreciate that I can combine my commute with my cardio.

    Also it’s free and I get a wonderful tan in the summer.

    I love the Waterfront Trail, but my favourite bike route would have to be Route 41 North. It takes you from Castle Frank Station to St Clair and Mount Pleasant through a beautiful neoghbourhood. I take It 2 or 3 times a week depending where I’m working. There’s usually very little traffic and you can gawk at the upper classes to your heart’s content. If you have to get from Danforth-ish to St Clair and Yonge-ish, it’s the best way to go.

  • Liza

    Growing up in San Francisco I appreciate how accessible Toronto is for a bike commuter. I bike everywhere, for up to 10 months a year. The whole city is available to bikers with the right bike and/or strong legs.

    I love biking along the Don River, and the Bayview Extension. I like to go to the Brickworks on Saturday mornings. And bring fresh flowers home on my bike. I also love the ride out to Cherry Beach.

  • Keagan

    I love biking as part of my commute to work. I work 20km away, but I do the first leg on my bike, which starts my day off right, gives me energy and makes errands or meeting up with people after work a breeze – love it! I take the eastbound signed route along Barton Ave to Spadina Station. It’s a great quiet and traffic controllled route, ideal for all kinds of cyclists.

  • Deborah Overes

    I really started cycling about 2 years ago as part of a weight loss routine. I had been using a treadmill but developed foot problems (plus it was b-o-r-i-n-g!). I live in Mimico but was working at the Princess of Wales Theatre so I began commuting by bike. Then I started longer and longer rides and really loved the freedom of it.

    Living by the lake I have a million great rides but my favourite is still taking the Waterfront Trail to Port Credit. In the summer I leave at 6AM and enjoy the silence. In the winter I ride in the afternoons since the good folks in Mississauga clear and salt the path all winter. Riding by the like and watching the ice formations along the shore always clears my mind.

    So here I am, now 90 lbs lighter and a dedicated cyclist who celebrated her 50th birthday last year with a solo 120 km ride.

  • I love to bike because I believe that it is the best and healthiest way to get around. I don’t drive and have no interest yet, because to get places in Toronto I either TTC or better yet, bike! Since last summer my best friend Luke and I have been doing regular bike rides all over the city, because even though we were both born here, these rides provide a great way to tour and see way more than we ever would by car.

    My favourite bike route in Toronto is the annual Becel Ride for heart up DVP. It only comes once a year but when it does, I’m there! Not only is it a great cause to create more awareness for, but who wouldn’t want to bike on the Gardiner and DVP with no cars?! The awesome factor in that never ceases to amaze me. Oh, and it’s coming up this weekend!

    Good luck to everyone!

    E-mail address: elligarlin@gmail.com

  • Jennifer Radford

    I love to bike because there are moments when I do that I am suddenly, *intensely* happy, flying through the air with the wind blowing past me. Connected. Only for a moment, but *what* a moment.

    And it doesn’t hurt that I’m poor and it gets me around and gets me exercise at the same time for almost no money. :)

    I love to bike down the quiet, treed old residential streets hidden in every part of this city, often where you least expect them to be.

    I’m also looking forward to a bike expedition from downtown Toronto out to Clarkson, Mississauga – to visit the house that was my grandparents’ home for my whole childhood. To see the house again, to smell the neighborhood (there was a specific smell to the abundant greenery than I can still call up in my memory). Its the kind of independent adventure my Grandmother – a firebrand if ever there was one – would have undertaken herself, and she’d be really proud of me for doing it.

  • Cheryl Creighton

    I love to bike because it’s an amazingly efficient and healthy way to get around the city. I tow my two girls (2.5 and 5) behind me and it’s great exercise. My girls absoutely love it as well. Ask them if they’d rather be in a car or the chariot and they choose the chariot every time. We all feel super connected to the city when we bike.

    We also really love the freedom of exploring Toronto. We aren’t stuck with going to the same park. We often pick a new area of the city to explore and often we’ll run into some sort of fair or a bouncy castle. There is always so much going on that we had no clue about. Bikes open up new possibilities for us and make this city a magical place to live.

    My favourite route to bike in the city is the lakeshore trails. We live at Bay/Wellesley and I’ll often bike down to the trail and take it west to High Park to the “Castle Playground.”

  • Mike Wilkins

    I love to Bike T.O. because I’m not boxed in to a car! I am free and connected to the neighbourhoods I ride through. I mostly commute from Etobicoke to Bloor-West, but I love to ride the Don MTB trails!

  • I love to bike because it means freedom. I am free to come and go. I am free to breath the air and take in the city. I am free of having a heavy carbon footprint. I bike everywhere, most often back and forth from my Condo by Harbourfront, through Trinity Bellwoods, to Dundas and Ossington.

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