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Planning a Toronto Tweed Ride

Tweed Rides are getting immensely popular around the world… and if you haven’t heard of them before – here’s a description of London’s “Tweed Run” from wikipedia:

“The Tweed Run is a group bicycle ride through the centre of London, in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed plus four suits. Any bicycle is acceptable on the Tweed Run, but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged. Some effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated”

There’s been some talk of a Toronto Tweed Ride in the past… but the organization has not really happened, so we thought we’d help organize one by bringing together people who are interested and go from there.

We’ve established a Facebook Page that you can “like” if you’re interested in helping plan one… or merely want to participate when it happens.

We are in the beginning stages now… we still need to decide the when, where, how… not to mention tweed resources in Toronto… but enough people are interested that this will happen sooner or later.

Like the Toronto Tweed Ride on Facebook!

Possible slogans:

  • Tweed is the new neon spandex
  • Yeah, it’s cool, bow ties are cool.
  • Party like it’s 1899.
  • I say, dear chap, where did you get that absolutely smashing velocipede?

For some visual interest… here are some promotional graphics from Tweed Rides from other cities!

[also, if you can spot the Doctor Who reference in this post, you shall receive geek points! yay!]

[ Many of these posters are linked on this RidingPretty post – which links back to the original artwork, designers, and event listings]

  • Congrats on Planning a Toronto Tweed Ride! I am so excited for all of you!!

    All of the above images are originally from my THE TWEED RIDE REPORT– it’s a list of all the past and upcoming Tweed Rides and Runs that I maintain on my blog RidingPretty :


    The charming fellow in the photo, is one I took of Colin Fahrion of SFTweed at a tweed ride I attended in San Francisco.

  • Thanks Shelly – I actually pulled the images from Google image search – but it makes sense that you would’ve also posted them. :)

    Thanks for the link to your blog! :)

  • Joe T.
    That’s funny! Some of these poster/invites were actual .pdf files sent directly to me with the request I publish them and help get the word out about the ride. Anyone who is interested can check THE TWEED RIDE REPORT. Each and every poster/invite is hyperlinked to the ride organizers and the original ride details.

  • thanks to RT and Tino for organizing the Toronto Tweed Randonee today.

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