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Jarvis Bikelanes have only produced “slight” delays on car traffic

A report released last night (and reported on by the Star) has shown what every cyclist in the city was saying last year… that adding the much-needed bikelanes on Jarvis Street would not significantly delay car traffic.

The report confirms this – southbound traffic now takes 6-9 minutes (instead of the 6-8 minutes before the bikelanes).  Northbound traffic is a little bit slower (14 minutes instead of 10) due to a left-turn lane at Jarvis and Gerrard.

Bicycle traffic on Jarvis was measured in May 2010 and October 2010, and a 30% increase was observed.  That is HUGE, because October is not a “prime” cycling month, while May is.  Ideally, they’d do a bicycle count on Jarvis in May to achieve a true comparison.

Read the full article on the Star.com

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