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Win an I Bike T.O. T-Shirt!

If you’ve been following us on twitter, you know that we’re giving away 5 I Bike T.O. t-shirts in celebration of passing 5000 twitter followers a couple weeks ago (we’re already up to 5200 since then).

We thought we’d give everyone a heads-up about this today, as today is the last day of this contest.

We’ve been running this contest a little differently… we’re using a system called “Pay with a Tweet” to engineer it so that all you have to do to get to the t-shirt contest entry form is to tweet about the contest.

(don’t worry if you’re not on twitter – people on facebook can also share the contest on their facebook profile – you’ll see the option when you click the Pay with a Tweet button below)

To enter the contest and submit your name for a t-shirt, click this button:

If you haven’t seen our amazing I Bike T.O. shirts (where have you been?) using the logo we designed way back in 2006, here are just a few options of what you can pick out as your shirt (if you win).