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The Bike Union expands their Member Benefits

We’re happy to report that the Bike Union has expanded the benefits available to their members.

In addition to the existing discounts available for Momentum Magazine ($5) and AutoShare membership ($30), as well as Dandyhorse magazine (Who offer a 20% discount to all bike union members. They can email Dandyhorse at subscribe@dandyhorsemagazine.com for the code! They are also offering a 40% discount to those members who previously received dandyhorse in the mail as part of their $60+ membership benefits.)

Bike Union members now get discounts from a range of local bike shops:

Starting on April 1st, 2011, just show your current membership card when making a purchase at any of the following businesses to receive 10% off parts, gear and accessories and 5% off bikes (unless otherwise noted):

I’m just hoping that this program is administered well.  There’s nothing worse than going to a store expecting a discount because of a membership and the employee ringing up your purchase not knowing what you are talking about.

You can become a Bike Union member at this link.

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