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How Do You Solve A Problem Like BikeMonth?

We’ve waited until now to post any news about this while waiting for some kind of official announcement from the City, but lacking any such thing at the moment, we’ll go ahead with what we know:

RUMOUR: BikeMonth and the Toronto Cycling Advistory Committee have been cancelled.

TRUTH (as of now): Some City staff have said that BikeMonth has been cancelled, while others have said it isn’t cancelled… merely diminished due to staffing and resource cutbacks.  The Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee issue is hazy as well.  Some people seem to think that because the TCAC isn’t on the main page of City Committees, it means it no longer exists – BUT, TCAC has never been on that page (at least not during recent memory) and exists as a supplementary committee that advises Council and committees such as Public Works on cycling issues.  Please note that the Cycling Committee STILL appears on the complete Directory of Committees.

So… that’s what is known at the moment.  Maybe things are cancelled, and maybe they aren’t.  Maybe they are just “diminished”?

Over the weekend, I monitored the “chatter” on facebook and twitter regarding this issue and many many people have made the point that aside from the Group Commute (which is still planned for Mon, May 30, 2011) and a couple other events, the city plays more of an “advertising” role in regards to BikeMonth – publicizing the many many community events which take place around the city.

Let’s consider the question of “Do We Need BikeMonth as an official city-run event?” Or can it be as successful (or more!) as a partnership between the city and the many many community organizations, websites and interest groups that promote cycling in Toronto?

If the growing number of engaged and concerned cyclists in the this city promote events through facebook and twitter and their own personal social networks… do we really need the City to do it?

  • Sally

    Yes we need a Bike Month, since most of general public in Toronto are not used to sharing the road with cyclists and don’t know how to deal with it. This is a great opportunities to teach these concepts to general public.

    I don’t understand why city is so adamant about cyclists who mind their own business. We are treated as pests in this city and that has to stop. So I am 100% behind Bike Month and I will use my own facebook and twitter to advertise about it. City should consider ads about this month if they are really thinking 21st century like.

  • Antony

    Bike Month is about lending the city’s legitimacy to an under-respected mode of transport. The City doesn’t have to do much, as long as it’s there.

  • Danny Pendrell

    I don’t think it they can possibly say it costs any money just to say a month is “Bike Month”. Given the current administration’s obsession with “tax dollars” they should acknowledge that bicycles cost less of those precious tax dollars in road repairs and lost time due to gridlock.

  • Many of us at WindShare are avid cyclists, using bikes for commuting, recreation and exercise. We cycle for many reasons, not least of which being it is one of the most environmentally and tax friendly transportation activities going (read: lower health costs over the long term). In lieu of the uncertainty of Bike Month, we would like to offer up an alternative – a ride through Toronto originating from that icon of Toronto environmental friendliness, the ExPlace wind turbine at the CNE on World Wind Day, June 15. We call on the Toronto cycling community to pedal united and demonstrate to the public their belief in a convenient, pollution-free, safe form of transportation, in deference to the current position of city politicians and in tandem with our position on clean renewable energy. There are many more of us in wind and solar power who feel this way and we can all make a positive difference by combining forces.

    To become involved, please check @windshare on Twitter & our blog, http://windshare.wordpress.com . Please watch for our Toronto broadcast from the turbine of Earth Hour on March 26.

  • Hey, this Bike Month idea is super cool. I am sorry for hijacking the post a bit, I am not from Toronto but just read about the BM here and I love it.

    We have a huge problem on the line cyclists and car drivers here in Ireland. Drivers are not used to us being on the road too. It is quite common that they don’t even look for cyclists when turning etc.
    I am pretty sure you know the problem too.

    And as much as there is something done about it in Dublin (the capital), the rest of the country is pretty much a wild for the cyclists.

    Yeah, guess the Bike Month would greatly help us here.

    Well done to you guys!

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