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Are Separated Bikelanes coming to the Annex?

There’s a possibility that separated bikelanes are coming to Bloor St. in the Annex.

The Annex Residents Association is looking at ways to make Bloor Street between Avenue Road and Bathurst safer for cyclists, recognizing that not only do cyclists have a right to safe travel, but:

People cycle for the same reasons they walk, drive, or take transit: namely, to get to particular destinations for shopping, eating, visiting friends, working, or entertainment. Residents who use bicycles bring a significant amount of business to local merchants. A recent study by the Clean Air Partnership found that cyclists and pedestrians spend significantly more each month than motorists at Annex businesses [source: Clean Air Partnership – PDF]

In doing so, the ARA has put forward the following recommendations to improve conditions for cyclists in the Annex:

1. Implement a bike lane on Bloor Street in the Annex from Avenue Road to
Bathurst Street within one year, in conjunction with accelerated city-wide
infrastructure for bicycle lanes, including along Bloor-Danforth

2. Construct protected and dedicated bicycle lanes.

3. Provide for contra flow bicycle traffic on one-way residential streets.

4. Allow rolling stops at (non major) intersections.

5. Implement “bike boxes” at major intersections.

6. Reduce the speed limit for motor vehicles on Bloor Street and side streets
to 30km/h as is being implemented or considered in many European
jurisdictions, and as has been implemented on St. George Street

Not only are these excellent recommendations for improving cyclist safety, but if implemented they will do a lot to improve pedestrian safety as well… making the area even more desirable and a better place to live and work and shop.

The next steps planned by the ARA to see if these recommendations can be implemented are:

2. Present ARA cycling recommendations at a proposed public meeting of the Ward 20Cycling Committee public meeting;
3. Present final recommendations to the local councillor [Adam Vaughan] to press for implementation.