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Back in October we did a little blog post about gaining 600 Fans on Facebook, and we’re happy to report our “LIKE” number is now up to 800!

If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, you should.  Not only is it a great way to get links about news and the other fun stuff on this site, but we post bike-related stuff that is happening all around the world.  But, don’t worry… we only post the good stuff.  BikingToronto is all about the good stuff. :)

So go and “like” us on Facebook, or if you already like us, “share” the page with your friends – either by clicking the little “share” link on the bottom of the left column of the page, or by just punching in the URL of http://www.facebook.com/bikingtoronto into your little facebook status form.  This way, all your friends will know the good stuff of BikingToronto too. :)

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