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Weekly Wrap-Up: Deep in the Heart of Winter

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  Your best source for everything new and popular in Toronto bicycle stuff!

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The 10 most popular pages on the site this week was lead by the artful Winter Cyclist street scene (via Spacing) and followed up by our Blogs page, Duncan’s City Ride, and our Activity page. Blogger Steven lets us know of a historic cycling event while Duncan points out inconsistencies in bicycle bylaws about riding on sidewalks after Karen Stintz makes a point of wanting to target the small minority of cyclists who ride on sidewalks. Our forum discussion about How to Bike in the Winter also cracked the Top Ten, along with our events page for the Spring Toronto International Bicycle Show.

New on the Blogs:

Main Blog: As mentioned above, Councillor Karen Stintz wants to “crack down” on sidewalk cyclists, Duncan points out an article which illustrates the inconsistencies in sidewalk cycling by-laws in Toronto and environmental lawyer Albert Koehl writes an editorial letter in the Star about how to make sidewalks AND bikelanes safer. Meanwhile, York Region devotes more money to improving their bicycle path network.

Duncan’s City Ride: In addition to a great post about the upcoming 2011 Ice Bike Races, Duncan also shows off his winter cycling outfits. He posts some great videos too, such as some Uphill Bike Races and the Mini-Drome (the world’s smallest velodrome)… both events sponsored by Red Bull.

Cycling 50+: Steven posts about Team Spidertech’s accomplishment of reaching “Tier 2” international cycling. One step away from having a Canadian team in events like the Tour de France.

FreeWheel: Michael blogs about wearable GPS route mapping devices and raises concerns about what could be a “War on the Bike”.

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