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New Toronto Bikeway Network Map

PLEASE NOTE: this map was done as part of a graphic design exercise and does not claim to be complete or accurate.

There’s a cool new map of all of our downtown bikelanes, coined the “BWN” after BikeWay Network.

You can really tell that the “network” needs a lot more… and the Jarvis bikelane isn’t on there.

Click the map for the full-size version (which still isn’t that big)

  • Danny Pendrell

    Somebody tell those guys they spelled St. George wrong in the top middle right.

    And they should add the West Toronto Railpath on there somewhere.

  • Thanks Danny – I hadn’t noticed the “Geoarge” :)

  • John

    Unfortunately, the map is not quite accurate. It suggests there is a continuous bike lane along Harbord. In fact, this lane is broken up by sharrows east of Bathurst, making it a series of stumps and not a proper lane. These sharrows reportedly exist to accommodate a few parking spots for the Harbord Bakery, making the entire bike lane less safe for thousands of riders on behalf of one well-connected business.

  • Rob

    @John – Not to be a killjoy, but I’ve actually found that the sharrows on Harbord have actually done a pretty decent job at making room for bikes. Yes, it would be nice if Harbord Bakery could get over the parking thing, and it doesn’t stop people from cutting into the right lane without checking their blind spot, but on the whole, cars are leaving a lot more room for bikes with the sharrows there.

    Also, if this is getting updated at any point, Annette-Dupont and Royal York would be a good addition along with the WTRP.

  • That’s certainly a “network” with a lot of dead ends!

    I’d also suggest putting in the Bloor East bike lane, which connects with Sherbourne and goes over the Bloor/Danforth Viaduct.

  • Also can add Torontos shortest bike lane (AFAIK.) Runs about 100ft westbound on Chester Hill Rd (west off Broadview 2 blks N of Danforth)

  • lock,

    That there is a stub on Chester Hill Rd. is great news! Thanks for pointing it out.

    Is the City is trying to encourage cyclists to take Cambridge up from The Danforth to avoid the dangerous Broadview-Danforth intersection – and Broadview generally which is full of hazards along there?

    A great route I’ve been pushing to have enabled is, Danforth —> Cambridge —> Chester Hill Rd. [needs to be enabled two-way bicycle traffic] —> Fulton [needs to be two-way bicycle enabled and yield to cyclists signage] —> Sammon [needs yield to cyclists signage].

    This is part of my favourite north of Danforth, DIY, east-west Bikeway —> BikeMappingWiki: http://bikingtoronto.com/bicycleroutemappingwiki/2010/04/05/woodbine-near-lumsden-to-yonge-and-bloor/)

  • lock said,

    MH said, “Is the City is trying to encourage cyclists to take Cambridge up from The Danforth…”

    Not UP, `cause Cambridge is a one-way street going south :(

    So there’s no left-hand turn lane to Cambridge traveling east on Danforth. A left onto Cambridge would be illegal and probably more dangerous at most times/daze (sigh)…

    I just thought it odd when I saw this tiny painted stub of a bikelane on what is probably already a pretty safe/quiet residential street!
    L “

    Yes, Cambridge too has to be enabled two-way for cyclists as well – forgot about that.

    It’s a hell of an exit to execute east bound off Danforth to Cambrige – I start moving over well before the end of the bridge, and pick my point – if I have to I’ll exit the stream onto the sidewalk.

    It’s just hell for bikes there any way you look at it isn’t it? Perhaps Ellerback or Playter are better routes north…


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