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Weekly Wrap-Up: Greeting 2011 with Separated Bikelanes

A bit of an expanded Weekly Wrap-Up this week, as this is our first Wrap-Up since Christmas Eve.

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New Posts from all Blogs on BikingToronto:

The Pacific Northwest Inlander looks at four types of winter cyclist: THE METAPHYSICIST Stealthy, swift and undeniably easy-going, the Metaphysicist doesn’t own a car. This type rides for pleasure — defying the norms of everyday transportation. You can spot him by the twinkle in his eyes, the ease with which he rides, his lack of […] Related posts: Marcus Gee is a Winter Cyclist and Darn Proud of it! A Different Bicycle Shapes a Different Kind of Cyclist The solution to winter snow and slush – a…
  • Just a quick wrap-up of some of the cool content being posted on member blogs since New Years: Duncan’s City Ride: A Penny Farthing for Toronto Slush Winter Telegram Delivery Bicycle Commuter Basics for Improving Efficiency Learning to Ride Bicycle Coffee Company in San Francisco 2011 in Motion Glorified Steam Kettles Michael Holloway ‘The Great […] Related Photos
  • Slush and snow got you wobbling all over? Wobble no more with MONSTERBIKE! Related posts:Penny Farthing Racing in the Land Down Under Winter Bicycle Riding Tips From The UK What is the Cobble Wobble? Related posts: Penny Farthing Racing in the Land Down Under Winter Bicycle Riding Tips From The UK What is the Cobble Wobble?
  • Related posts:Winter Bicycle Riding Tips From The UK Related posts: Winter Bicycle Riding Tips From The UK
  • Your ride got you feeling down? Little sluggish out there? These simple tips could help improve your ride with a few quick fixes. Via Momentum Magazine Related posts:Momentum Magazine Issue #47 – All About Kids and Cargo Bikes BikeStyle Tour Lands in Toronto Tonight Toronto Spring Bicycle Show – No Commuter Cyclist Options? Related posts: Momentum Magazine Issue #47 – All About Kids and Cargo Bikes BikeStyle Tour Lands in Toronto Tonight Toronto Spring Bicycle Show – No Commuter Cyclist Options?…
  • “I wasn’t going to let fear hold me back. And, I wasn’t going to let fear make me feel old.” Via EcoVelo Related posts:“If I ride…” People for Bikes.org asks; Why Do You Ride? Along for the Ride I Want to Ride My Bicycle – Choir Flash Mob Related posts: “If I ride…” People for Bikes.org asks; Why Do You Ride? Along for the Ride I Want to Ride My Bicycle – Choir Flash Mob
  • I mentioned Cyclometer, the City’s cycling newsletter in Monday’s post about the nice maps and photos compiled of biking infrastructure projects started or completed in 2010, and thought I’d highlight another item from the latest issue, namely the construction progress of multi-use trails in Hydro and Rail Corridors in Scarborough and North York. I’ll paste […] Related Photos
  • There is an excellent information resource in the latest issue of Cyclometer – a Google Map that shows all the Bikeway Projects started or completed in 2010, as well as photos on their facebook group of the projects: View 2010 Bikeway Network Projects in a larger map Project photos include: Related Photos Related Photos
  • About Bicycle Coffee Company: Bicycle Coffee is all about delivering great-tasting coffee by bicycle. Our coffee is always organic, fair-trade, and packaged in compostable bags. We deliver freshly roasted bags of coffee to offices, grocery stores, and cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our custom-built, small batch roaster allows us to roast our coffee […] Related posts: Get Your Burrito Fix, By Bicycle! Care-free Winter Cycling
  • Found on Fixa Sampa No related posts. No related posts.
  • Just a quick post to let you know we’ve added a mobile layout to the back-end of BikingToronto to make the site display a little easier on smart phone devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch. If you have one of these devices, all you need […] Related Photos
  • This guy is amazing. Happy New Year, do something productive this year, make a steam powered bicycle why don’tcha? No related posts. No related posts.
  • It looks like Mayor Rob Ford‘s statement that the “War on Cars is over” may be just rhetoric for the suburban car-centric parts of Toronto… as the new regime at City Hall is voicing no opposition to physically separate bikelanes (separated from car traffic by curbs) along such streets as Wellesley, Sherbourne and Richmond, a […] Related Photos
  • Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages from December 2010. Left-Wing Pinko I Bike T.O. Shirt Don Cherry insults Cyclists as Rob Ford Sworn in as Mayor City of Toronto releases Bicycle Count Statistics Photo: Don Cherry’s Pink Pashley Bike from Curbside Editorial Cartoonists Embrace Don Cherry and […] Related Photos
  • A few weeks ago we shared a construction photo of the new streetcar/bikelane infrastructure on Roncesvalles Ave… essentially the road rises up to sidewalk level at some streetcar stops to not only allow easier streetcar boarding, but allow cyclists safe passage (ie. not having to ride on the streetcar tracks to pass the streetcar stop). […] Related Photos
  • A Todd Tyrtle route across the 401, as described here in a comment he left in The Blog: “Video: Across The Great Wall (of freeways) on Bicycle“. Article at The Blog that accompanies this map: ‘The Great Wall’ – Highway 401 – cyclists describe ways across the busiest highway in the North America. To get […] No related posts. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin .
  • For cyclists and pedestrians, the 401 highway cuts Toronto in two – for them ironically, the highway is a barrier to transportation. In exploring the ways in which cyclists navigate the Great Wall I hope we can discover what’s missing from the infrastructure puzzle to enable a sustainable city. Today in comments – over at […] Related posts: Video: Across The Great Wall (of freeways) on Bicycle Another East West Corridor that needs some signage changes to make it really work for cyclists Any Map…
  • We missed this in our Weekly Events post yesterday! SoDa stands for “South Of DAnforth” and is the name of the Ward 30 cycling advocacy group. Here are the details if you are interested. We have a new mayor (love it or hate it folks, it’s true). We also have a bunch of new councillors! […] Related Photos
  • Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! Tues, Jan. 4: SoDa Bikes Meeting Thurs, Jan. 6: BIKE DRINKS – Monthly Toronto Cyclists Union Social! Know events going on this week? Share them with BikingToronto readers in the Comments below. Click here to punch in your email and get event […] Related Photos
  • Happy 2011 everyone. The Great Wall of Freeways: the 401. I was looking through Joe T’s, “BikingToronto in 2010: The Stats“, the year in review at BikingToronto – and, a long series of links got me to riconroy’s Youtube Channel where I found “Crossing the 401“. Under the video is this description: “Highway 401 cuts […] Related posts: ‘The Great Wall’ – Highway 401 – cyclists describe ways across the busiest highway in the North America Toronto Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project …
  • Those of you who have been reading BikingToronto for a while (over a year) know that I *love* stats and graphs, and I love to wrap-up each year on BikingToronto with a few posts that look at the preceding year. Here is the first of those posts. This post is a general overview of the […] Related Photos
  • With Toronto taking the prize for longest average commute time of any city on the planet – and “Transit City” – part of Toronto’s “Green Plan” – starting to reach a critical mass in terms of the number of Bike Lanes on our streets – a reactionary view of cycling infrastructure resonated with voters as […] Related posts: Toronto cyclists win strong Cycling Advocate in Mary-Margaret McMahon, councillor elect, ward 32 Beaches City of Toronto’s “Make Room for Cyclists” campaign…


    STUFF: Bike Helmets for Your Toddler

    Bicycle helmets for your toddler now come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fun designs.   Read More: Bike Helmets for Your Toddler


    EVENT: Tues, May 5 – Etobicoke South Cycling Committee: May meeting

    Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – 19:00 – 21:00 The ESCC is holding its monthly meeting between 7 and 9 PM on May 5 at Among Friends. Below is the agenda. 1. What happened at the April 9 meeting on the Humber Bay Shores trails? 2. The city has released funding for the trail on […]


    EVENT: Sat, June 20 – Cycle for Sight Toronto

    Date: Saturday, June 20, 2015 – 08:00 – 18:00 Cycle for Sight is a fully supported, one-day cycling event in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or leisure rider, riding a single or tandem bike, Cycle for Sight will be the perfect one-day ride! We offer different distance options from […]


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Making Our Own Power

    Source: Original photo – by cookedphotos on Flickr. Ikea celebrates Earth Day at Yonge Dundas Square. This photo was featured as blogTO’s ‘Photo of the Day’ for April 23, 2015: http://ift.tt/1FgtWh3 via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.

    DO IT! Take a survey; help Toronto plan cycling infrastructure

    We’ve just posted our first survey for the development of Toronto’s Cycling Network Plan for the next 10 years. At this stage we are asking Toronto residents about values, so we can better understand the priorities of residents in different parts of the City. Understanding these priorities will help inform resource allocation. The geocoding and […]


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Dundas x Sterling

    Source: Original photo – by Fixed in Silver on Flickr. Morning light on a gorgeous Saturday in Toronto. To our left is the existing southern access point of the West Toronto Railpath. via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: On Bike Patrol

    Source: Original photo – by WillJaksa on Flickr. Toronto Police Officers on bike patrol near Jarvis Street. #Toronto #TorontoPolice #GeorgeStreetDiner via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.


    SHOP: Greater Goods – Green, Delivered by Bike

    Great new service here in Toronto – Greater Goods.  Environmental products, delivered by bike. They are delivering using the cool Trio Cargobike – I don’t know if they are available in Toronto, but VeloLifestyle in Montreal carries them (disclosure: VeloLifestyle is an advertiser on BikingToronto) 100% Natural Products We inspect every ingredient of every single […]

    SHOP: Top 25 bike stores in Toronto by neighbourhood

    Bike stores in Toronto are scattered throughout the city. There’s bound to be a spot near you that will suit your needs, whether you’re looking to pick up a shiny new ride, get repairs done, order a custom build, or even pick up some new skills for yourself. Here are my picks for the top […]

    OH YEAH! Cycle Toronto’s #BloorLovesBikes campaign is here and it’s awesome

    The biggest OH YEAH! to Cycle Toronto for the start of their “Bloor Loves Bikes” campaign.   Who wants bikelanes bringing lots of people to their stores to spend lots of money not being spent on cars?  Bloor businesses do! Our #BloorLovesBikes window decals are in! Watch for them on Bloor coming soon! via Cycle […]

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