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Weekly Wrap-Up: Bridge Sabotage and Streetcar Death

Mountain Bike Bridge Sabotage in the Don ValleyWelcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  Your best source for everything new and popular in Toronto bicycle stuff! Want to get the Weekly Wrap-Up in your email every friday?  Enter Your Email Here.

Most Popular Stuff on the Site this week:

  1. Mountain Bike Bridge Sabotage in the Don Valley
  2. Photos of Memorial Ride for Streetcar Death
  3. Weekly Wrap-Up: Streetcar Tragedy, The New Roncy and Don’t Be A Jerk
  4. Cyclist killed by Streetcar at Spadina and Lakeshore
  5. The New Roncesvalles: Ride Your Bike up onto the Curb
  6. Photos of the New Dufferin Bikelanes
  7. BikingToronto Sitewide Activity
  8. Cyclist Hit at Jarvis and Carlton
  9. Making Leslie St. Safer for Cyclists and Pedestrians
  10. Google to map Toronto’s Bikelanes

New Posts from all Blogs on BikingToronto:

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  • It’s something that we at BikingToronto have known for a while, that in addition to having 1000+ subscribers, Bixi Toronto is just putting the finishing touches on securing $600,000 in corporate sponsorships for the first 3 years of the program: BIXI Toronto has met its key targets, though a two week extension to today’s sponsorship […] Related posts: Bixi Toronto reaches 1000 Subscriber Goal Reminder: Bixi Toronto Launch Party Tonight! Learn More About Bixi Toronto
  • via BigDaddyHame on flickr
  • Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages from November 2010. Cyclist killed by Streetcar at Spadina and Lakeshore Tips for Riding your Bike this Winter The New Roncesvalles: Ride Your Bike up onto the Curb The Star: Car Drivers on the “Gravy Train” Photos of Memorial Ride for […] Related posts: Most Popular Posts – October 2010 Most Popular Posts – September 2010 Popular November 2008 Posts
  • [photo by Pica A on Twitpic] Not seeing any stories in the news about this one yet… but will update this post when we do. The above photo was taken around 8 pm last night (Tuesday). It’s on Jarvis just north of Carlton in front of the National Ballet School. Related posts:Photo of the Day: […] Related posts: Photo of the Day: Yonge & Carlton Video: Jarvis with 4 Car Lanes, Still no Gridlock The Jarvis Bikelanes are Painted!
  • Joe T. broke the story, Google Maps are up for Toronto’s Cyclists. Good work Joe, I was looking yesterday but couldn’t see it. Joe says you have to be at Google.com (not .ca) and you have to input a place, then choose “Get Directions” a Bicycle Icon is now there that wasn’t there last week. […]
  • Over on the Photo of the Day blog, we feature a photo related to biking in Toronto every weekday (sometimes on weekends too). Here are the photos from November. Enjoy. Be sure and check out the Photo of the Day Blog. It’s got a brand spankin’ new design! Related posts:Photos of the Week: Nov. 15 […] Related posts: Photos of the Week: Nov. 15 – 19, 2010 Photos of the Week: Nov. 22 – 26, 2010 Photos of the Week: Oct 4 – 8, 2010
  • BlogTO is breaking the news that Google Maps Bike Directions is now kinda-sorta working (it’s a “beta” launch – which is used for working out glitches) for Toronto Bike routes: Google bike maps for Toronto launched in beta sometime earlier this afternoon, and I’ve been toying around with the route planner for the last half […] Related posts: Getting Google Maps to pay Attention to Bikes Google to map Toronto’s Bikelanes Biking for Google StreetView
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  • Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! Check out our @BikeTOevents account on twitter! Wed, Dec. 1 TBN’s Wednesday Wheelie Ride Thurs, Dec. 2 Bike Drinks – Monthly Toronto Cyclists Union Social! Sat, Dec. 4 – Sun, Dec. 5 Sweet Pete’s Holiday Sale Know of other events going on […] Related posts: Cycling Events This Week: Nov. 15 – 21 Cycling Events This Week: Oct. 25 – Nov. 1 Cycling Events This Week: Nov. 8 – 14
  • Hell yeah! Bring it on, Winter! Via Racer Diaries
  • via abey henry on flickr
  • Alarming news out of the Don Valley… a series of bridges constructed by off-road and mountain bike cyclists are being sabotaged… with the clean lines of a sawzall saw being evident: Timothy Charles, founder of the Toronto Off-Road Biking Association, said the supporting beam of the bridge appears to have been deliberately cut partway through […] Related posts: New Bathurst Bridge To Have Bike Lanes My 50 Kilometre Toronto Valley And Ravine Tour Metrolinx Ignoring City, Wants a Strachan Ave…
  • Over on the Photo of the Day blog, we feature a photo related to biking in Toronto every weekday (sometimes on weekends too). Here are the photos from the past week. Click on them to see them bigger and find links to the originals and the photographers below. Courier Christine Tour de Lake Shore Boulevarde […] Related posts: Photos of the Week: Nov. 15 – 19, 2010 Photos of the Week: Sept 27 – Oct 1, 2010 Photos of the Week: Oct 4 – 8, 2010
  • Over at the BikingToronto Group ‘Cycling’, Lock said, “This Youtube vid is funny as heck but AFAIK only Admins here can imbed videos, so just click on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koh7QoMGKJo ” So I thought I’d embed it here, to keep it in-house for just one, more, link. You can embed videos too! To start your own […]
  • After countless years producing quality road, mountain and hybrid bicycles, Giant has entered into the upright city bike market for 2011. A unique steel diamond frame with twin top tubes that curve at the seat tube to form seat stays on the “men’s” version work to create a very distinct look (see below). On the […]
  • While I, and almost anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle in any city, object to the word “war” used in any form of transportation debate, this is a great little look at the changing face of New York City streets. In a city where 80% of the public space is comprised of streets and […]
  • Last week, a cyclist was killed by a streetcar. Whether it was his/her own fault, the fault of the streetcar driver, or some combination is unknown, but some Toronto cyclists decided to hold a Memorial ride for the victim. Here are photos of the ride (and ghost bike installation) from Jun Nogami: Related posts:Cyclist killed […] Related posts: Cyclist killed by Streetcar at Spadina and Lakeshore Ghost Bike Memorial in Mississauga Memorial Ride This Friday
  • True, the Dufferin bikelanes only exist under the brand new underpass that eliminated the Dufferin Jog, but any infrastructure is good infrastructure. Underpasses can be a little scary on a bike without good lighting and bikelanes. Here are a few pics of the new lanes for you: BigDaddyHame City of Toronto City of Toronto […] Related posts: Bikelanes planned for Dufferin Jog A Map of Rossi’s Separated Bikelanes Photos and Review of the New Bloor Viaduct Bikelanes
  • via Trevor Hughes on Flickr
  • The BikingToronto Shop has just been updated with new shirts for men, women, children and babies. The profits from all purchases go to Toronto cycling-related charities. Visit the shop here: BikingToronto Shop Learn more about ibiketo.org, the charitable arm of BikingToronto, here. (Click on any of the images here to learn more about each product)


    OH YEAH: Rolling Youth into Toronto’s Bicycle Renaissance

    With countless community events being hosted from May 25th to June 25th, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is anticipating Bike Month 2015. Municipalities and community groups alike are hosting the A to Z in bike events, from food incentivized group rides to bike repair crash courses. Although cycling mode shares are still relatively low […]


    OH YEAH! Steamwhistle expands its network of bike repair stations

    Oh yeah!  BlogTO has picked up the BikingToronto post last week about this.  Steamwhistle deserves lots of toasts. As Biking Toronto reports, over the last year or so the beer company has installed similar stations at the Brick Works, the Duke of York pub, and most recently in front of Bike Sauce. They’ve also been […]


    NEWS: Why not make biking on sidewalks legal in the suburbs?

    I tend to agree with the main concept here… that suburban arterials need bike infrastructure badly… but cars go SO fast on those roads, it’s impossible to feel safe even in a bikelane that is just paint. A physical barrier (curb, bollards, etc) is needed, or an cycling addition on the side of sidewalks.  Many […]


    EVENT – Fri, June 19: Welcome Back Queens Quay! Let’s Ride the Waterfront

    After years of construction, Queens Quay is ready for the spotlight, with a new refurbished multi-use trail and lots more public space. Come celebrate the opening with a group bike ride down this new section of the Martin-Goodman Trail! More details about the opening on the Waterfront Toronto blog: http://blog.waterfrontoronto.ca/nbe/portal/wt/home/blog-home/posts/queens-quay-opening-volunteer Facebook Event: Welcome Back Queens […]


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Queen and Spadina

    Source: Original photo – by sigma. on Flickr. via Tumblr ift.tt/1HmS7fX via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group. Also check out the thousands of amazing photos that have been shared on instagram with the #biketo hashtag!


    OH YEAH! How I learned to love cycling my way to work

    I’ll be honest, and I hate to admit this, but I used to be that person that perpetually ran five minutes late—to everything. I’d do my best to be timely, but in many circumstances, I just couldn’t seem to make it to my commitments on time. A few years ago my brother became a bicycle […]


    EVENT – Wed May 27: Cycle Toronto Ward 21 Group Meeting

    Our monthly meeting is coming up. Join us as we work to make cycling in the city a safer way to travel. Facebook Event: Cycle Toronto Ward 21 Group Meeting


    NEWS: Cyclist suffers serious injuries after being struck by vehicle in Rosedale

    A male cyclist was rushed to hospital via emergency run after he was struck by a vehicle in Rosedale during the morning rush hour Tuesday.It happened at the intersection of Roxborough Street and Wrentham Place in the vicinity of Mount Pleasant Road at around 8:30 a.m.According to police, a doctor was passing by at the […]


    EVENT: Fri, June19 – Waterfront Toronto launching new Queens Quay section of Martin-Goodman Trail

    Toronto’s revitalized waterfront boulevard is just about ready to be unveiled. And, after three years of construction, road closures and patience, Waterfront Toronto plans to open the new Queens Quay with a bang.Waterfront Toronto is calling for volunteers to aid in its ribbon cutting ceremony on June 19, beginning at 6 p.m.  The organization is […]


    EVENT – Tues, June 16 – Ward 31 Bikes – June Meeting

      We have been working with Councillor Davis and her office to organize a Ward 31 Bikes meeting where both Janet Davis will be in attendance as well as Jacquelyn Gulati, who is the new Manager of Cycling Infrastructure for the city (she is replacing Daniel Egan who many of you may know). Facebook Event: […]

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