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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Ever-Popular Gravy Train

The Star: Car Drivers on the “Gravy Train”Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  Your best source for everything new and popular in Toronto bicycle stuff! Want to get the Weekly Wrap-Up in your email every friday?  Enter Your Email Here.

Most Popular Stuff on the Site this week:

  1. The Star: Car Drivers on the “Gravy Train”
  2. Weekly Wrap-Up: Car Drivers on the Gravy Train
  3. Queen West BIA unveils new OCAD Bikeracks
  4. Tips for Riding your Bike this Winter
  5. BikingToronto Sitewide Activity Page
  6. On The Blogs: Visible Hands for Low Light Commutes
  7. On The Blogs: Rob Ford and Toronto’s Political Spectrum
  8. On The Blogs: The Joy of Night Cycling
  9. On The Blogs: Toronto’s Cyclists with an Anti-Bike Mayor
  10. On The Blogs: Harbord Sharrows Miss the Point

New Posts from all Blogs on BikingToronto:

Covet: ku. Bicycle-themed Jewelry [Duncan’s City Ride]

Brooklyn-based artist Takahiro Kudo crafts this wonderful miniature bicycle parts as jewelry. More designs at ku. jewelry Related posts:Covet: The reCYCLEr Gilbert Vanden Heuvel at ShopGirls Covet: PAC Designs Bags Covet: Baye Hunter’s Beautiful Bicycle Photography as Prints and Cards Related posts: Covet: The reCYCLEr Gilbert Vanden Heuvel at ShopGirls Covet: PAC Designs Bags Covet: Baye Hunter’s Beautiful Bicycle Photography as Prints and Cards

  • Michael Holloway looks at the Real Price of Gasoline, factoring in more than just the price at the pump: As an addict of the bicycle as much as the rest of the culture seems to be addicted to pumping gasoline, I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Ford. The subsidies on the price of gasoline I […] Related posts: On The Blogs: The Changing NYC Bike Commute On The Blogs: Rob Ford and Toronto’s Political Spectrum Gas Taxes? We Don’t Pay No Stinkin’ Gas Taxes!
  • via AndysCamera on flickr
  • I talked to Toronto City Councilor Elect in Ward 32, Mary-Margaret McMahon as she toured The Beaches Interfaith Lunch Program, today at “The Synagogue” in the West Beaches. McMahon unseated long time Beaches councillor Sandra Bussin in a landslide (15,951- 5,998) at the civic election last month – part of a popular disillusion with ‘politics […] Related posts: An Anti-Cycling Mayor Rob Ford does not a Council make Another East West Corridor that needs some signage changes to make it really work…
  • Back in the spring of 2009, the Ontario College of Art and Design had a Gateway BikeStand competition, and while that contest chose a pretty distinctive winner (photo of winning design at right), the Queen West BIA thought all the designs were great and committed to working with OCAD students to create some new bikeracks […] Related posts: OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Competition Announces Finalists OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Competition Winners Announced More Details about the OCAD Gateway BikeStand Winners…
  • West end resident (and burrito enthusiast) Sari Lightman will be launching her burrito by bicycle delivery service on Friday, November 19, 2010. The delivery area will be east of Roncesvalles, south of Bloor, north of King and west of Spadina on Fridays only between 6pm and 1am. Orders can be placed by phone 416-948-6676 or […] Related posts: City of Toronto Sharrows PSA Visible Hands for Low Light Commutes Momentum Magazine Issue #47 – All About Kids and Cargo Bikes
  • Daniel Egan, Manager Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Transportation Services shares information on what sharrows are and how they can be used by cyclists in Toronto. This same information can also be found on the City of Toronto’s web site here: Sharrows FAQ Video via City of Toronto Cycling on Facebook. Related posts:Sharrows, Bike Lanes and […] Related posts: Sharrows, Bike Lanes and Shared Space on the Streets of Toronto Sharrows Miss the Point on Harbord Two-way Sharrows Along Macdonell…
  • Yesterday morning I snapped a quick pic of a part of a group of 6 morning bike commuters I was in as we headed west on Bloor East at around 8 am… temperature hovering around the freezing point. You can see we’re on the bridge over Rosedale Valley Road. It’s great seeing lots of bikes […] Related posts: A Favourite View Cold, but Beautiful Photos from my April Fools Day Commute Home
  • Continuing his Covet posts about great gear for your bike, Duncan looks at some stylish pannier bags for hauling lots of stuff around on that rear rack of yours (and looking good doing it): Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a bag. Active transportation can mean a little sweat, and carrying a bag is […] Related posts: Stuff: PackNGo Panniers On The Blogs: Bike Commuter Backpacks From the Blogs: Tours, Hacks, Cup Holders and Maps!
  • via Sam Javanrouh of TopLeftPixel
  • The History Pics blog by BikingToronto member Lock is extremely interesting. He posts photos of electric bicycles (and diagrams of them) originating often more than 100 years ago. Goes to show “E-Bike” technology has been here a long time. See the full diagram on the History Pics blog Related posts:From the Blogs: Tours, Hacks, Cup […] Related posts: From the Blogs: Tours, Hacks, Cup Holders and Maps! On The Blogs: Bixi’s headway in Toronto On The Blogs: Rob Ford and Toronto’s Political…
  • Duncan has switched up his gear set-up on his Marin Hamilton 29er, moving from a single speed to an internal gear hub, and tells us about it… from why he decided to do it to how he went about choosing what hub to go with, with help from Hoopdriver: After one week and a couple […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets On The Blogs: Evergreen Brickworks Cycling Infrastructure On The Blogs: The Changing NYC Bike Commute
  • The basic trick to night riding is to see and be seen.  Last week’s clock rewind is yet another dead giveaway that winter approaches. And it’s turned many bike commuters into night riders.  The basic trick to night riding is to see and be seen. Even on well-lit streets, darkness not only makes it more difficult to see, but also judge distances and direction, which means slower reaction times – for both drivers and riders.
  • Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home via RedBull Related posts:Just Another Trip to the Office by Bicycle for Danny MacAskill Incorporating Bicycles into Exterior Home Design Related posts: Just Another Trip to the Office by Bicycle for Danny MacAskill Incorporating Bicycles into Exterior Home Design
  • via thericyip on flickr
  • Banana seats and bum bars… let’s do this Toronto! No related posts. No related posts.
  • Bi-directional epicness. No related posts. No related posts.
  • via mikehutch711 on Flickr
  • Duncan has posted the “Put The Days Away” music video by Sun Airway. It’s a nice portrayal of night cycling through a city… cruising through a vibrant urban landscape when it’s “on pause” at night: One million thanks to Ricardo Rivera at Klip Collective, who in addition to being an excellent dude and creating all […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets On The Blogs: Cycle Halifax Commercials On The Blogs: I Love Your Smile
  • Blogger Michael Holloway has an interesting post about the possibility that mayor-elect Rob Ford will take Toronto down the road from civic power to corporate power: The over all strategy is to reduce government power in favour of corporate power, and this was made very evident on election night when the first words out of […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Rob Ford, Art Inspiration On The Blogs: The Real Price of Gasoline On The Blogs: Toronto’s Cyclists with an Anti-Bike Mayor
  • You may have caught our post with photos from the Ontario Cycling Association of last Saturday’s Cyclocross Championships, but have you seen Bikeroo’s crash video from the event? Yesterday, local bike shop ZM Cycle & Fitness hosted the national cyclocross race in Cedarvale Park in Toronto. The best cyclocross racers across Canada participated in the […] Related posts: Photos from the Canadian Cyclocross Championships On The Blogs: Queens Park Grand Prix On The Blogs: Do The Cobble Wobble
  • As the days in Toronto get darker earlier and earlier as winter gets closer, you may be thinking about how to make yourself more visible as you bike around the city: Donald “Go-by-bike” Wiedman, founder of BikesandTransit.com, has created a unique Facebook event that suggests Toronto cyclists wear bright orange (or yellow, or green) gloves […] Related posts: Stuff: Glo Gloves: Gloves with Turn Signals! How To Get Visible: Video Let’s Get Visible – Safety is Sexy
  • Some video and photos of the Canadian Cyclocross Championships 2010 hosted by ZM Cycle & Fitness Related posts: Cyclocross Crash
    It can be easy to forget or simply not use hand signals when cycling. Streetcar tracks, potholes, bike lanes in door zones and other obstacles can have you focusing on keeping both hands on your handlebars. Yet, when it comes to communicating with other road users there is no better way than with hand signals. […] Related posts: Coaster Brake Love Visible Hands for Low Light Commutes Handling Street Car Tracks and Difficult Intersections With “Indirect Left Turns”
  • Qu’est Que C’est? (Talking Heads, Psycho Killer) Joe T published “The Star: Car Drivers on the “Gravy Train” a link piece to a Toronto Star article by City Columnist Joe Fiorito: “Fiorito: Cyclists doing good for all of us“. At the end of this seemingly over edited article is a strange, lonesome addition, “All I’m […] Related posts: Re-New, Re-Cycle, Re-Use Transit City hangs in the balance as opportunist candidates dither and dodge at the precipice of an epoch
  • via pong0814 on flickr


    OH YEAH: Rolling Youth into Toronto’s Bicycle Renaissance

    With countless community events being hosted from May 25th to June 25th, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is anticipating Bike Month 2015. Municipalities and community groups alike are hosting the A to Z in bike events, from food incentivized group rides to bike repair crash courses. Although cycling mode shares are still relatively low […]


    OH YEAH! Steamwhistle expands its network of bike repair stations

    Oh yeah!  BlogTO has picked up the BikingToronto post last week about this.  Steamwhistle deserves lots of toasts. As Biking Toronto reports, over the last year or so the beer company has installed similar stations at the Brick Works, the Duke of York pub, and most recently in front of Bike Sauce. They’ve also been […]


    NEWS: Why not make biking on sidewalks legal in the suburbs?

    I tend to agree with the main concept here… that suburban arterials need bike infrastructure badly… but cars go SO fast on those roads, it’s impossible to feel safe even in a bikelane that is just paint. A physical barrier (curb, bollards, etc) is needed, or an cycling addition on the side of sidewalks.  Many […]


    EVENT – Fri, June 19: Welcome Back Queens Quay! Let’s Ride the Waterfront

    After years of construction, Queens Quay is ready for the spotlight, with a new refurbished multi-use trail and lots more public space. Come celebrate the opening with a group bike ride down this new section of the Martin-Goodman Trail! More details about the opening on the Waterfront Toronto blog: http://blog.waterfrontoronto.ca/nbe/portal/wt/home/blog-home/posts/queens-quay-opening-volunteer Facebook Event: Welcome Back Queens […]


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Queen and Spadina

    Source: Original photo – by sigma. on Flickr. via Tumblr ift.tt/1HmS7fX via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group. Also check out the thousands of amazing photos that have been shared on instagram with the #biketo hashtag!


    OH YEAH! How I learned to love cycling my way to work

    I’ll be honest, and I hate to admit this, but I used to be that person that perpetually ran five minutes late—to everything. I’d do my best to be timely, but in many circumstances, I just couldn’t seem to make it to my commitments on time. A few years ago my brother became a bicycle […]


    EVENT – Wed May 27: Cycle Toronto Ward 21 Group Meeting

    Our monthly meeting is coming up. Join us as we work to make cycling in the city a safer way to travel. Facebook Event: Cycle Toronto Ward 21 Group Meeting


    NEWS: Cyclist suffers serious injuries after being struck by vehicle in Rosedale

    A male cyclist was rushed to hospital via emergency run after he was struck by a vehicle in Rosedale during the morning rush hour Tuesday.It happened at the intersection of Roxborough Street and Wrentham Place in the vicinity of Mount Pleasant Road at around 8:30 a.m.According to police, a doctor was passing by at the […]


    EVENT: Fri, June19 – Waterfront Toronto launching new Queens Quay section of Martin-Goodman Trail

    Toronto’s revitalized waterfront boulevard is just about ready to be unveiled. And, after three years of construction, road closures and patience, Waterfront Toronto plans to open the new Queens Quay with a bang.Waterfront Toronto is calling for volunteers to aid in its ribbon cutting ceremony on June 19, beginning at 6 p.m.  The organization is […]


    EVENT – Tues, June 16 – Ward 31 Bikes – June Meeting

      We have been working with Councillor Davis and her office to organize a Ward 31 Bikes meeting where both Janet Davis will be in attendance as well as Jacquelyn Gulati, who is the new Manager of Cycling Infrastructure for the city (she is replacing Daniel Egan who many of you may know). Facebook Event: […]

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