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Weekly Wrap-Up: Streetcar Tragedy, The New Roncy and Don’t Be A Jerk

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Most Popular Stuff on the Site this week:

  1. Cyclist killed by Streetcar at Spadina and Lakeshore
  2. The New Roncesvalles: Ride Your Bike up onto the Curb
  3. On The Blogs: How To Signal Right Turns
  4. BikingToronto Sitewide Activity Page
  5. Road Rule #1: Don’t Be A Jerk
  6. On The Blogs: How To Light Your Bike
  7. The Star: Car Drivers on the “Gravy Train”
  8. Google to map Toronto’s Bikelanes
  9. Cyclist Pinned Under Streetcar on Spadina
  10. Photos of the Week: Nov. 15 – 19, 2010

New Posts from all Blogs on BikingToronto:

On Saturday, Nov. 20th, a group of people in South Riverdale got together to have a look at the safety features (or lack thereof) for pedestrians and cyclists on the stretch of Leslie Street between Lake Shore Boulevard and Queen St. The street will be reconstructed when the TTC builds their new streetcar car barns […] Related posts: Reminder: Leslie Street Reconstruction Meeting Tonight Public Comments about Leslie Street and Eastern Avenue Bikelanes Does TTC Environmental Assessment for Lakeshore…
  • The BikingToronto Shop has just been updated with new shirts for men, women, children and babies. The profits from all purchases go to Toronto cycling-related charities. Visit the shop here: BikingToronto Shop Learn more about ibiketo.org, the charitable arm of BikingToronto, here. (Click on any of the images here to learn more about each product) […] Related posts: Tell the World, “I Bike T.O.” Covet: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets Social Cycling: Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike! Toronto 2010…
  • Lady is the Boss – Bicycle Fight Related posts:Esurance Offers Drivers Tips… From a Cyclist Related posts: Esurance Offers Drivers Tips… From a Cyclist
  • Video via Vélo d’hiver – Montreal – Bike Winter on Facebook. Related posts:Chicago Winter Cyclists Profiled by PBS Dottie Demonstrates Dressing for Winter Cycling The Least Expensive Winter Cycling Accessory You Need Related posts: Chicago Winter Cyclists Profiled by PBS Dottie Demonstrates Dressing for Winter Cycling The Least Expensive Winter Cycling Accessory You Need
  • Related posts:How to Use a Bike Box – City of Toronto PSA Related posts: How to Use a Bike Box – City of Toronto PSA
  • Photo via NY Mag by Randy Harris Since 2007, Janette Sadik-Khan has been commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation and “is responsible for 6,000 miles of streets and highways, nearly 800 bridges, 1.3 million street signs, 300,000 streetlights and 12,000 signalized intersections, as well as the Staten Island Ferry, the nation’s busiest […] Related posts: The Changing Face of the NYC Commute
  • Here’s a fifth addition to the four cycling bags I recently “coveted.” Based in Toronto, YNOT Cycle, run by Tom Mosher, has recently expanded to a new location and continues cranking out custom bags for local riders. From the massive, carry-everything-you-own Cobra to the roll-top and room for plenty Gulper (pictured above) Tom and his […] Related posts: Covet: Repurposed Car Parts and Inner Tubes Become Mariclaro Bags Covet: Handmade Messenger Bags Created Right Here in Toronto Covet: PAC…
  • via close-up.biz on flickr
  • Nice heels on the woman riding the white bike with the front rack! Certainly would be approved by my girlfriend. Via Cyclometer November Newsletter Related posts:City of Toronto Sharrows PSA City Wants You To Create Art We Can Lock Our Bikes To Where We Park Our Bikes in Toronto Related posts: City of Toronto Sharrows PSA City Wants You To Create Art We Can Lock Our Bikes To Where We Park Our Bikes in Toronto
  • Big news for map lovers today! Google Maps has announced that it will be mapping out the bikelanes of 8 Canadian Cities (including Toronto): The online information giant announced Monday that it is introducing a Bike Directions feature to its popular Google Maps site, allowing users to highlight bike-friendly trails and roads across most major […] Related posts: Getting Google Maps to pay Attention to Bikes 58% of Toronto wants Bikelanes on Major Streets Biking for Google StreetView
  • There’s a great article in the Wall Street Journal about the problems New York City is facing by having tons more cyclists on their streets (thanks to large amounts of new bikelanes and cycling infrastructure on their streets). Essentially, there are a lot more confrontations between cars, bikes and pedestrians… as they all have to […] Related posts: The Road To A Better Future Jarvis Street, Before the Bikelanes Results from the Police “Safe Cycling – Share the Responsibility”…
  • Spotted on John Prolly’s Flickr photostream. According to Google, Coco-Mat is a mattress company whose products are now available in NYC. Update: More googling has turned up these videos of the delivery bicycle in action: Related posts:Cargo Bikes; Big in New York (and Toronto too!) Cruisers, Cargo bikes, Handmades and More – The Toronto International […] Related posts: Cargo Bikes; Big in New York (and Toronto too!) Cruisers, Cargo bikes, Handmades and More – The Toronto International Bicycle…
  • Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! Check out our @BikeTOevents account on twitter! Wed, Nov. 24 TBN’s Wednesday Wheelie Ride Fri, Nov. 26 Critical Mass Toronto Know of other events going on this week? Share them with BikingToronto readers in the Comments below. Click here to punch in […] Related posts: Cycling Events This Week: Oct. 25 – Nov. 1 Cycling Events This Week: Nov. 15 – 21 Cycling Events This Week: Nov. 8 – 14
  • via ronnie.yip on flickr
  • Back in the spring of 2009, the renovation of Roncesvalles Ave. was just getting underway. Plans called for many more trees and wider sidewalks, including sidewalk “bump-outs” at some streetcar stops to allow transit users to board streetcars directly from the sidewalk. One bit of controversy was that while the street is planned to be […] Related posts: Have Your Say: Roncesvalles Streetcar Stops and Cyclists Headlines: Bike Infrastructure on Jarvis and Roncesvalles Balancing Streetcar…
  • Excellent and timely lighting post from Stephen on Cycling50+ … a great rundown of the lights and reflectors you need to ensure drivers see you at night: Last week’s clock rewind is yet another dead giveaway that winter approaches. And it’s turned many bike commuters into night riders The basic trick to night riding is […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Car Insurance Tips for Driving near Cyclists On The Blogs: Ride and Prejudice On The Blogs: How To Signal Right Turns
  • Over on the Photo of the Day blog, we feature a photo related to biking in Toronto every weekday (sometimes on weekends too). Here are the photos from the past week. Click on them to see them bigger and find links to the originals and the photographers. The Original Hipster Little Green Bike Fog Biker […] Related posts: Photos of the Week: Oct 4 – 8, 2010 Photos of the Week: Oct. 18 – 22, 2010 Photos of the Week: Sept 27 – Oct 1, 2010
  • Bikeroo checked out the Canadian Cyclocross Championships in Cedarvale Park (and previously shared with us a crash video): For the uninitiated, cyclocross is a gritty cycling race in which riders race along an off road course. Technical skill is important as they have to ride in tight quarters with each other but navigate around or […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Cyclocross Crash Video On The Blogs: Queens Park Grand Prix Photos from the Canadian Cyclocross Championships
  • Concerns about pedestrian and cyclist safety have been raised by residents of Leslieville and The Beaches in the south east of the city around the redevelopment of Leslie Street that will see Street Car tracks added to the street starting next year. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 20, 2010 Paul Young, Health Promoter at South Riverdale Community […] Related posts: Users ‘re-purposing’ Jones Avenue Bike Lanes – Two way bike lanes?!! Park Bike Art in a Bike Lane East/West Corridors – part 2
  • Tragedy on the streets this morning: A cyclist was struck and killed this morning by a streetcar on Spadina Ave. The accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. near the intersection of Spadina and Lake Shore Blvd. W. The male cyclist, in his 60s, was declared dead at the scene, Const. Hugh Smith said. This was the […] Related posts: Cyclist Pinned Under Streetcar on Spadina Cyclist Hit at Front & Spadina Cyclist Killed in the West End
  • All is not well in the suburbs. Artist: Arcade Fire Song: Suburbs Director: Spike Jonze Related posts:Mark Ronson’s The Bike Song (featuring Kyle Falconer and Spankrock) Fall Flowers a Fire Escape and a Cargo Bike Related posts: Mark Ronson’s The Bike Song (featuring Kyle Falconer and Spankrock) Fall Flowers a Fire Escape and a Cargo Bike
  • Not only is it a great post about signaling right turns with your left arm (instead of your right), but Duncan’s post on why he signals with his left has also spurred a great little discussion in the comments about the reasons why each method can be useful: It can be easy to forget or […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets On The Blogs: Car Insurance Tips for Driving near Cyclists 10 Secrets to Cycling with Traffic: Part 5 of 10
  • via Don Komarechka on flickr


    IMG 20150630 141806.JPG

    OH YEAH! Bike Share Toronto to double with $4.9 million from Metrolinx 

    Oh yeah!  Big plans for Bikeshare Toronto expansion! Metrolinx is doubling the size of the city’s bike sharing system with $4.9 million aimed primarily at making more bikes available at transit stations. The new bikes will deployed by the end of 2016, according to a news release issued Monday morning. The program already has about […]


    NEWS: Chris Harper, cyclist killed in Milton, focus of crowdfunding campaign

    After a popular teacher and father of five was killed while cycling this weekend, an online campaign has sprung up to help his family. Oakville’s Chris Harper, a 50-year-old married father of two boys and three girls, died after being struck by a car on Friday night while he rode his bike near Tremaine Road. […]


    NEWS: Too many cyclists being hit by doors

    Doorings are a common occurrence on Toronto’s streets, and the results can be fatal. In 2008, a driver doored a 57-year-old man, throwing the cyclist into oncoming traffic, where he was struck by another vehicle and killed. As cyclists flood the city’s streets this summer, how many of them will catch a dreaded door prize? […]


    OH YEAH! It’s time bike lanes were installed everywhere in Toronto

    The Editor of the Star’s Automotive Section calls for dedicated, separated bikelanes on almost every road.  A sensible write-up that advocates for Vision Zero (that NO ONE should die on the road) and safe infrastructure for all road users…  it helps that there is evidence from right here in Toronto that bikelanes actually HELP drivers […]


    NEWS: Province of Ontario announces $10 million in #CycleON funding

    The Province of Ontario will commit $10 million as a part of a 20-year #cycleON strategy to promote cycling as a viable form of transportation and to help improve safety for cyclists of all ages. This initiative will see the creation of two new funding programs, the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program, and the Cycling […]


    DO IT: Danforth Loves Bikes Pledge (and Pub Crawl)

    One of Cycle Toronto’s current action campaigns is getting businesses and residents of the Danforth to pledge their support of DanforthLovesBikes, to get the city to consider a PILOT of bikelanes on the Danforth, to see what works or doesn’t work, and how bikelanes can benefit business, drivers, and pedestrians. Over 60 businesses on the […]


    OH YEAH! Heavy Metal in the Bike Lane: Meet Priya Panda

    A brand new issue of Dandyhorse is coming soon, and it features Priya Panda on the cover.  Glad to see Dandyhorse is starting to put people riding bikes on their covers. We are very pleased Priya Panda, lead singer of Diemonds and member of the band She Demons, is on the cover of our new issue […]


    NEWS: Hit and run kills cyclist in Milton

    A cyclist is dead after a hit and run on Tremaine Road in Milton. Halton Regional Police say they were called to the scene shortly after 9 p.m. The victim had no vital signs and was pronounced dead on the scene. The suspect vehicle had fled the area. More: Hit and run kills cyclist in […]


    GET INVOLVED: Help Plan Toronto’s Bike Network

    The City of Toronto has launched the next phase a new bike plan process: fill out their second survey now! Later this year, City staff will bring a new 10-year cycling network plan forward to City Council. Our goal is to ensure that our core ask of building a city-wide Minimum Grid of 100 km of […]


    VISION ZERO: A Road Safety Plan for Toronto

    Go read this right now at Dandyhorse.  Any politician who votes against Vision Zero is effectively voting FOR people dying on the streets.  Your kids, your friends, and you. Is Vision Zero, the Swedish initiative to eliminate road deaths, coming to Toronto? A Swedish video on the issue lays the premise of the movement: “For […]

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