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The Star: Car Drivers on the “Gravy Train”

Cyclists doing good for all of usA somewhat surprising article is appearing in the Toronto Star today.  It’s called “Cyclists doing good for all of us” and is by Joe Fiorito, who has not been the biggest bicycling-advocate the city has seen by a long stretch…) and advocates that the city should pay more attention to cyclists:

[Bikes are] good for the environment. Good for people with breathing problems. Good for the health care system, if you think fitness is a goal.

Saves us money.

All I’m saying is we ought to pay a little more attention to bike riders in this city because right now, there are far too many motorists on the gravy train.

He also mentions that he saw over 500 bikes within 1 hour on one major street.

Think about how that much more congested that street would be with 500 extra cars on it.

  • 500 cars x 5 metres space per car (4 metres per car and a half metre on either side) equals a line of parked cars 2.5 km long. That’s equivalent to a line of parked cars on one side of Queen street from Yonge Street to Trinity Bellwoods park.

    Now who keeps saying that car parking is where all the shoppers come from?

  • Joe Rogen

    [comment deleted: If you want to post hurtful and personal attacks, you can leave them on another website. – Joe]

  • Murray Lumley

    Stop the Gravy Train and get the Elites out of their cars!
    I agree with whoever said that the ‘gravy train’ consists of the car drivers who insist that the roads of Toronto are theirs alone. Isn’t this an elitist attitude? And drivers are not paying their way with gas taxes or even property taxes. Years ago some researcher calculated that for every car there is a need for 8 parking spaces – think about it! And gasoline, if it were to pay for its damage to our environment,(our life support system) needs to be about $4.00 per litre or $12.00 per gallon. There is no way that any driver, including the trucker with all his taxes – is paying his way on our roads. The general tax revenues are doing that, so even non-owners of cars are paying for these selfish elitists. Also, have drivers not heard of the ‘Complete Streets’ plan that has been implemented in some U.S. cities for some time? – that when it comes time to refurbish or build a new street – the design must take into account the safe movement of people in every way there is – bus or trolley, walking, cycling and by car.