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The New Roncesvalles: Ride Your Bike up onto the Curb

Bump Outs Coming to RoncesvallesBack in the spring of 2009, the renovation of Roncesvalles Ave. was just getting underway.  Plans called for many more trees and wider sidewalks, including sidewalk “bump-outs” at some streetcar stops to allow transit users to board streetcars directly from the sidewalk.

One bit of controversy was that while the street is planned to be friendly to pedestrians and cyclists… the aforementioned sidewalk bump-outs get in the way of cyclists, as they block the curb lane of this 4-lane road.

The solution decided upon was to make these bump-outs accessible to cyclists – allow bikers to ride up and over them instead of having to merge into car traffic in the middle lane of the street.

Steve Munro took a photo (below) of one of these bump-outs in a post about the streetcar track reconstruction, and it gives you an idea of what it’ll look like.

Roncesvalles gets a remake

What do you think?  Is it smart to encourage cyclists to ride up onto part of the sidewalk, where people may be waiting for the streetcar?

Overall, I think the new “Roncy” will be fantastic… the wider sidewalks, more trees and less emphasis on car traffic will make the street look much nicer but also be good for business.  The bump-outs effectively reduce the street to 2 lanes in spots… creating a street that encourages *local* car traffic and discourages *through* traffic.

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